David Berlinski on Dennis Miller

Dr. David Berlinski talks about his book The Devil’s Delusion with Dennis Miller. They talk through the main predicaments that Darwin faces. Berlinski clarifies the issues by quantifying the changes that must occur for darwinian evolution to occur.

Is Intelligent Design Viable?

Dr. William Lane Craig defends the viability of the often misunderstood and controversial theory of intelligent design from evolutionist and ardent ID critic Dr. Francisco J. Ayala. Bradley Monton is the moderator. Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, United States — November 5, 2009

Stephen Meyer on Dennis Miller

Dr. Stephen Meyer explains what intelligent design is and notes some evidence for the theory in nature. They also have a conversation about academic freedom and the scandal with the Smithsonian and California Science Center.


The Israel Test & Capitalism

In 2009, George Gilder explains the Israel Test and the golden rule of capitalism. The Israel Test regards one’s response to the achievement of others, while the golden rule of Capitalism is that the good fortune of others is also your own good fortune.

Israel & Innovation

George Gilder speaks of the per capita and overall success that Israel has had. These are the innovations that cultures depend on and by which prosperity relies on.

The Lesson of History

George Gilder discusses the Lesson of History. The Lesson of History: technology comes from relatively few people. The Jewish diaspora, Gilder claims, was the key source for these developments.