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Middle America Has a Lot to Teach us About Homelessness

Caitlyn McKenney
July 2, 2024

Dr. Keri D. Ingraham Discusses Indoctrination in K-12 Public Education with Jesse Kelly

American Center for Transforming Education
June 26, 2024

Where Darwinism Breaks Down

Stephen C. Meyer
June 22, 2024

Dow Constantine Is Wrong on Homelessness

Caitlyn McKenney
June 19, 2024

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William Dembski on Why Intelligent Design Matters

William A. Dembski
July 15, 2024
On this ID the Future from the archive, intelligent design pioneer William Dembski unpacks one of his chapters in The Comprehensive Guide to Science and Faith: Exploring the Ultimate Questions about Life and the Cosmos, which Dembski co-edited with Joseph Holden and episode host Casey Luskin. Dembski discusses why intelligent design better explains the latest scientific evidence better than blind material processes can. He also talks about ID's cultural implications.

Exploring Personal Identity: More from Dr. Jonathan Loose

Robert J. Marks II
July 11, 2024
In this episode of Mind Matters News, hosts Robert J. Marks and Angus Menuge continue their discussion with Dr. Jonathan J. Loose, author of the chapter “The Simple Theory of Personal Identity and the Life Scientific” in the book Minding the Brain. They explore thought experiments that challenge the idea that personal identity is solely determined by physical and psychological continuity. They also discuss how the simple view of personal identity aligns with common sense and the practical implications for science and reasoning. The conversation wraps with the importance of considering all evidence, including subjective experiences, in understanding reality. Additional Resources Minding the Brain: Models of the Mind, Information, and Empirical Science Jonathan J

Giving Up Darwin’s Brilliant and Beautiful Theory

David Gelernter
July 10, 2024
Five years ago, Yale University professor of computer science David Gelernter wrote that he was bidding farewell to neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory. Why would he take such a bold step? What convinced him that the neo-Darwinian paradigm no longer satisfied the scientific evidence? On this ID The Future, host Andrew McDiarmid marks the fifth anniversary of Gelernter's important essay by reading it aloud in full. If you’ve read the essay, this will likely be a good refresher on Gelernter’s arguments. If you haven’t read it yet, by all means enjoy!