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Robert Marks & Zoltan Istvan Debate AI and Transhumanism

Robert J. Marks II
July 18, 2024
Are we on the verge of an era of incalculable human progress because of the power of AI, or are we threatened with being made obsolete and perhaps extinguished in an age of intelligent machines? In this episode, Robert J. Marks and author Zoltan Istvan debate secular transhumanism and artificial intelligence (AI). Marks argues that AI can never be creative and that it will never understand what it does or possess consciousness. He believes that the danger of AI lies in unintended consequences or malicious human interference. Istvan, on the other hand, sees AI as a potential existential threat to humanity. He believes that AI could become so intelligent that it surpasses human understanding and control. The discussion also touches on topics such as the singularity, AI’s impact on

Sleeping and Waking: A Designer’s Gift

Eric Hedin
July 17, 2024
Are we to credit an unguided evolutionary process for the gift of sleeping and waking? Or are these intricate systems further evidence of design? On this ID The Future, host Andrew McDiarmid concludes his conversation with Dr. Eric Hedin on the intelligent design of sleep. In Part 2, the pair dig deeper into the purpose of sleep and why it’s so essential to living organisms. They also look at why it’s unlikely that a gradual Darwinian process can be credited for the origin of sleeping and waking, and why intelligent design is a better explanation. This is Part 2 of a two-part discussion.

Eric Hedin on the Intelligent Design of Sleep

Eric Hedin
July 16, 2024
We’re asleep an average of about 26 years of our life! Most people have a sense that sleep is important, but many of us aren't sure exactly why. Why is sleep so crucial to survival? And how did the processes of sleep emerge in living things? Could a gradual Darwinian process be responsible, or are the systems involved another instance of intelligent design? On this episode, host Andrew McDiarmid begins a conversation with Dr. Eric Hedin about the origin and intelligent design of sleep. This is Part 1 of a two-part conversation. Look for Part 2 next!