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Free the White House Press Corps

Biden White House is hiding behind COVID
I am one of 70 journalists who signed the letter. Here’s a phrase (in italics ) I never thought I’d write — the list includes 68 current White House correspondents, Sam Donaldson and me.


The Hidden Crisis in the Woods: Part 2

Jonathan Choe
June 28, 2022

The Hidden Crisis in the Woods

Jonathan Choe
June 27, 2022

RV Recriminations in Seattle

Jonathan Choe
June 20, 2022

Artificial Intelligence, Cyberwarfare, and Military Preparedness

Robert J. Marks II
June 16, 2022

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AI: The Potential and the Problems

Samuel Haug
June 30, 2022
Despite the hype regarding the seemingly infinite possibilities surrounding AI technology, artificial intelligence still has a number of humbling hurtles to overcome. Justin Bui and Samuel Haug join Robert J. Marks to discuss the latest developments in artificial intelligence.  Show Notes 00:00:56 | The Homunculus00:04:09 | Introducing Justin Bui00:06:54 | Fast AI00:13:45 | Deepfake Technology00:21:40 | Transfer Learning00:24:13 | Rapture of the Nerds00:31:27 | Little Faith in AGI00:33:32 | Introducing Samuel Haug 00:33:57 | The Rest of the Story00:35:36 | Could AI Win at Jeopardy?00:38:33 | IBM’s Deep Blue00:40:46 | Deep Convolutional Neural Network00:43:25 | Self-Driving Cars00:44:08 | Unexpected Contingencies00:49:19 | Exponential Explosion of Contingencies00:58:54 |

Günter Bechly: Species Pairs Wreck Darwinism

Günter Bechly
June 30, 2022
On this ID the Future, distinguished German paleontologist Günter Bechly continues unpacking his new argument against modern evolutionary theory. According to Bechly, contemporary species pairs diverge hardly at all over millions of years, even when isolated from each other, and yet we’re supposed to believe that the evolutionary process built dramatically distinct body plans in similar time frames at various other times in the history of life. Why believe that? He suggests this pattern of relative stasis among species pairs strikes a significant and damaging blow to Darwinian theory. In this Part 2 episode, Bechly and host Casey Luskin discuss mice/rat pairs, cattle and bison, horses and donkeys, Asian and African elephants, the Asian black bear and the South American Spectacled bear,

Species Pairs: A New Challenge to Evolutionary Theory

Günter Bechly
June 27, 2022
On today’s ID the future, German paleoentomologist Günter Bechly and host Casey Luskin unpack a recent article of Bechly’s at Evolution News, “Species Pairs: A New Challenge to Darwinists.” There Bechly describes a challenge to evolutionary theory that thus far has been given little attention, namely “the morphological similarity of modern species pairs.” He says this “poses a severe problem for Darwinian theory “because it implies that the macroevolutionary processes that allegedly were at work and common during all periods of Earth history and in all groups of organisms, apparently were totally absent in the origins of all of the millions of living species.” Or as he puts it in a follow-up article on the same topic, “Among the 350,000 described fossil species, we