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On Edge After Homeless Homicide

Jonathan Choe
July 18, 2022

Eric Metaxas and Stephen Meyer Tackle Science and God

Stephen C. Meyer
June 29, 2022

The Hidden Crisis in the Woods: Part 2

Jonathan Choe
June 28, 2022

The Hidden Crisis in the Woods

Jonathan Choe
June 27, 2022

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Octopuses from the Sky: Scientists Propose “Aliens Seeded Life on Earth”

Ann Gauger
August 5, 2022
On this ID the Future from the vault, biologist Ann Gauger discuss panspermia, the topic of a peer-reviewed paper published recently by several very serious scientists. Panspermia tries to sidestep problems in origins biology by suggesting that, to quote the title of an old science fiction movie, “it came from outer space.” And yes, according to this explanation, maybe aliens even sent it our way. Maybe (honest — this is a real theory) the first octopuses came here special delivery, as encapsulated embryos falling from the sky. Anything but intelligent design, for these very serious scientists. Tune in to learn from Dr. Gauger what precisely drove these scientists to such an

Web3: The Next Generation of the Internet

Robert J. Marks II
August 4, 2022
Futurist George Gilder forecasts that decentralization of the web is going to be the future of the internet. Data will become more personalized and stored on your local computer instead of in the cloud and companies like Google will have to figure out some way to adjust. Adam Goad and Dr. Austin Egbert discuss blockchain, Web3, decentralization, and the metaverse with Dr. Robert J. Marks. Additional Resources Adam Goad at IEEE Xplore Dr. Austin Egbert at IEEE Xplore ”Just As Cryptocurrencies Went Mainstream — a Huge Collapse!” by Jonathan Bartlett at Mind Matters News Podcast

Stephen Meyer: One God or Many Universes?

Stephen C. Meyer
August 3, 2022
In this ID the Future, Stephen Meyer takes a deep dive into the case for not only intelligent design, but also for a designer of the cosmos who is immaterial, eternal, transcendent, and involved. Meyer draws on evidence for design at the origin of life, in the origin of plants and animals, and from the fine tuning of the laws and constants of chemistry and the initial conditions of the universe. He connects all this to the scientific evidence that the universe is not eternal but had a beginning—the Big Bang. What about the main materialistic alternative for explaining this suite of evidence—the idea that there is a multiverse with our universe just being one of the lucky universes with just the right conditions to allow for advanced life? In step-by-step fashion, Meyer walks through