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Too Many Climate Scientists Confuse ‘Science’ with Activism

Remember when a scientist admitted to removing nuance from a climate-change study because he believed that Nature would not publish it if he did not strictly follow the favored narrative of human-caused climate catastrophe? And now — perhaps in a reaction to that piece — Nature has published a cogent warning that too many scientists in the climate-change sector conflate "climate science" with "climate activism."


Bruce Gordon: Idealism, Quantum Mechanics, and the Fundamentality of Mind

Michael Egnor
May 23, 2024
Does quantum mechanics, properly understood, point to the fundamentality of mind in the universe? In this episode, Michael Egnor concludes a conversation with philosopher of physics Bruce Gordon about the relationship between idealism and quantum mechanics. Gordon argues that quantum mechanics points to mind as the fundamental unit of the universe, as it is irreducibly probabilistic and exhibits non-local phenomena. He dismisses interpretations such as Bohmian mechanics and Everett’s many-worlds hypothesis as flawed and suggests that a theistic metaphysic can provide a coherent explanation for the probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics. Gordon also discusses the compatibility of free will with determinism and the nature of God’s freedom. Finally, he challenges the

New Novel Invites Teens to Ponder our Privileged Planet

Guillermo Gonzalez
May 22, 2024
There's a wealth of books covering the arguments for intelligent design, and yet one type of book has so far been missing - a young adult novel. That changes with the release of The Farm at the Center of the Universe, a new teen novel from astrobiologist Guillermo Gonzalez and author Jonathan Witt, now available from Discovery Institute Press. On this ID The Future, host Andrew McDiarmid sits down with Gonzalez and Witt to discuss how the book came about and what readers can hope to gain from it.

Promoting Design Arguments in Mexico and Beyond

Brian Miller
May 20, 2024
International interest in intelligent design is growing. On this ID The Future, host Andrew McDiarmid welcomes back Dr. Brian Miller, this time to discuss his recent participation at a conference on science and faith in Guadalajara and to explain how intelligent design is making inroads internationally.