Intelligent Design

The Truth about the Dover Intelligent Design Trial

“Traipsing into Evolution” is a book-length critique of federal Judge John E. Jones’s decision in the Kitzmiller v. Dover case. In this concise yet comprehensive response, Discovery Institute scholars and attorneys show how Judge Jones’s Kitzmiller decision was based upon faulty reasoning, Read More ›

Icons of Evolution 10th Anniversary: Casey Luskin

In “Icons of Evolution” (, biologist Jonathan Wells compared icons of evolution –such as homology in vertebrate limbs– with published scientific evidence, and revealed that much of what we teach about evolution is wrong. Published in 2000, the book raised troubling questions about the status of Darwinian evolution that are still plaguing scientists today.

Is intelligent design science?

Dr. Stephen Meyer talks about the assumptions materialistic scientists hold about intelligent design and how they inaccurately combat the theory. Dr. Meyer walks through various definitions of science and how darwinists make certain claims that are self-defeating. Read More ›

What is Intelligent Design and What is it Challenging?

Intelligent Design: says there are certain features in nature that are best explained by intelligence and not by undirected process such as Darwin’s natural selection. It does not challenge evolution–as dependent on different definitions–rather it directly opposes Darwinian evolution.