Need Help Navigating Modern Technology? Ask your elders!

Do you ever feel like you’re barely keeping up with modern technology? Maybe it’s a recent phone update that leaves you disoriented. Or you want customer service from a human but you’re forced to text with an AI. Perhaps you get decision fatigue scrolling through endless streaming options on TV, not sure what to take a chance on next. You’re not alone in experiencing feelings of weariness, frustration, and even grief about daily life in the digital age. Read More ›

The New Nanocosm

A panel representing companies on the leading edge of technology applications discusses emerging technologies holding great promise for human prosperity — from the conversion of waste to clean energy; to the production of graphene for a multitude of uses including building materials, lubricants, composites and coatings, sensors, and energy harvesting and storage; to revolutionary nanorobotic machines that can target and Read More ›


COSM 2022 Closing Remarks with Carver Mead

Dr. Carver Mead, Professor Emeritus and California Institute of Technology and recipient of the prestigious 2022 Kyoto Prize for Advanced Technology, wraps up the 2022 COSM Technology Summit with his comments about how technology can empower individuals to make a positive difference in society.


The Administrative State Can Put a Bug in Your Phone

In the age of cellphones and the internet, consumers often face a simple choice: convenience or privacy? Do we let Big Tech have access to our private communications and free email accounts because it's so easy? Once you've said yes — and who among us has not? — it's not a stretch to think that Big Data already has almost all your information, so why get picky at the next juncture? Read More ›
Close-up photo of male hands with smartphone

Escaping the Truman Show of Our Times

After learning his whole world is an illusion, Truman commits to finding an authentic life, even if he must die trying. If you're going to get back on course, you'll need Truman-like determination, too. Read More ›

The Cloud Revolution and the Convergence of New Technologies

We are on the cusp of a Roaring 2020s. Mark Mills proposes that the convergence of revolutions in three technology spheres is unleashing the next great economic boom: the means for accessing and propagating information, the machines that represent the means of production, and the materials domain from which we fabricate everything that exists. 


Walt Disney’s Views on Science and Its Dangers

On this episode of ID The Future, John West, Associate Director of the Center for Science & Culture and author of Walt Disney and Live Action: The Disney Studio’s Live-Action Features of the 1950s and 60s talks about how science is portrayed in Walt Disney’s films and theme parks. Read More ›