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Meyer & Tour on New Critiques of Origin of Life Research

On this ID The Future, we're pleased to share a new discussion between Dr. James Tour and Dr. Stephen Meyer about recent critiques of origin of life research published in the prestigious science journal Nature. The interview originally aired on The Science and Faith Podcast, hosted by Dr. Tour. We are grateful to Dr. Tour for permission to share this interview on ID The Future. Read More ›
What Archaeology Reveals about the Historicity of the Exodus (2023 Dallas Conf. on Science & Faith)

What Archaeology Reveals about the Historicity of the Exodus (2023 Dallas Conf. on Science & Faith)

Archeologist Titus Kennedy and philosopher of science Stephen Meyer explore what the science of archeology reveal about the historicity of the exodus of Jews from Egypt. Is the exodus a myth? Or is there evidence it really occurred? This session took place at the 2023 Dallas Conference on Science and Faith sponsored by Discovery Institute. Check out Dr. Kennedy’s newest Read More ›

Air force missile system
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Time to Neutralize North Korea’s Missile Threat

Missile defense experts have long advocated a multi-layered approach to missile defense because of the difficulty of destroying an ICBM in flight. Yet, currently the United States relies on only one layer of homeland missile defense, a ground-based system of anti-missile interceptors based in Alaska and California. Read More ›

By Design: Behe, Lennox, and Meyer on the Evidence for a Creator

Michael Behe, John Lennox, and Steven Meyer are three of the leading voices in science and academia on the case for an intelligent designer of the universe and everything in it (including us). In this wide-ranging conversation, they point out the flaws in Darwin’s theory and the increasing amount of evidence uncovered by a rigorous application of the scientific method Read More ›

Does God Exist? A Conversation with Tom Holland, Stephen Meyer, and Douglas Murray
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Does God Exist? A Conversation with Tom Holland, Stephen Meyer, and Douglas Murray

Does God exist? Something — a being, a power — that’s supernatural? That is, an entity that we’re unable to perceive with our five senses but that’s still real? Ever since the Enlightenment, the knowing, urbane, sophisticated answer has been, “Of course not.” Now a historian, a scientist, and a journalist talk it over and reveal new threads in the Read More ›


Answering Questions about Science and Faith

Philosopher Stephen Meyer, theologian Vern Poythress, engineer Stuart Burgess, and biologist Jonathan McLatchie answer questions about science and faith posed to them at the Westminster Conference on Science and Faith. Read More ›

How the Founders of Modern Science Used the Book Metaphor in Their Scientific Inquiry

These days, we’re told that science and God are at odds and that we should reject theistic belief in order to do good science. But is that true? Philosopher of science and best-selling author Stephen C. Meyer explains the first of three metaphors used by the founders of modern science to describe the design and regularity of nature. Watch all Read More ›

A Clock to Describe Nature - title screen

A Clock to Describe Nature? Philosopher of Science Dr. Stephen Meyer Explains

Did you know that the giants of early modern science, including Newton, Boyle, Kepler, and others, all used a clock to describe the workings of the natural world? Here, Dr. Stephen Meyer explains the second of three common metaphors at the birth of modern science. Watch all of Episode 1 here: more about the series here: This is Read More ›