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USA, VA, Arlington. Gravestones at Arlington National Cemetary.

This Memorial Day, Remember The Courage And Forgiveness That Made America Great

If the last few generations of Americans understood the origin and meaning of Memorial Day, we might have avoided the trauma of division and corruption that now threatens the United States as never before.   Read More ›
Air force missile system
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Time to Neutralize North Korea’s Missile Threat

Missile defense experts have long advocated a multi-layered approach to missile defense because of the difficulty of destroying an ICBM in flight. Yet, currently the United States relies on only one layer of homeland missile defense, a ground-based system of anti-missile interceptors based in Alaska and California. Read More ›
Grand Forks is a Large North Dakota Town on the Red River at the Intersection of Highway 2 and Interstate 29 one Hour south of the Canada Border
Grand Forks is a Large North Dakota Town on the Red River at the Intersection of Highway 2 and Interstate 29 one Hour south of the Canada Border

A Chinese Trojan Horse in Grand Forks, North Dakota?

To obtain the most coveted data and information, which is defense and military-related, the Chinese employ multi-level strategies involving what they call United Front operations and infiltration in diverse sectors from political associations to individual politicians, from industry associations to specific businesses, and from academic institutions to the media. Read More ›
US soldiers giving salute
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A Bad Idea Whose Time Is Past

Bruce Chapman, former director of the U.S. Census Bureau, deputy assistant to President Ronald Reagan, and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Organizations in Vienna, Austria, has been president of Discovery Institute since 1990. In 1967 he made an early case for an all-volunteer military in The Wrong Man in Uniform (Trident Press of Simon & Schuster). If each woman Read More ›

Defending the 21st Century

“Against All Terrors” is one man’s vision for reshaping America’s way of defending its interests. Philip Gold, a Discovery Institute defense analyst, has written a book for the layperson who might not normally read a book about terrorism or defense issues. And while this approach occasionally causes the book to be overly broad, Gold succeeds in bringing a basic understanding Read More ›

twin towers 1993
1993, New York et son world trade center
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Jihadistan 3

When the holocausts of New York and Washington, DC began, our media – strange phrase, our media – did what they always do in first moments of catastrophe. Grimly, cleanly, often at personal risk, they took up their task of reporting, and were magnificent. Read More ›

Jihadistan Part II: Defending Against It

In our last episode, we considered the problem of “Jihadistan” – the violent, expansionist Islamic fundamentalism that has created an “arc of terror” from North Africa through the Middle East and Central Asia to the Philippines and Indonesia, and which is now firmly established in Europe and North America. This session, what to do about it. Six items here. First Read More ›

Turning to Sources for Traditionalism

Among the pleasures of taking up space on this page is the chance, from time to time, to report on some accomplishment that might otherwise go under-noticed. When the accomplishment belongs to a friend . . .well, OK, this is a puff piece. But the puffery’s deserved, because the accomplishment’s magnificent. Adam Pruzan works for Toward Tradition, a Seattle-based Jewish/conservative Read More ›