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United States Constitution with quill, glasses and candle holder
United States Constitution with quill, glasses and candle holder

No Longer Conspiracy Theory, Time for Action: Government Betrayal of the Constitution

An awakening is sweeping across the land causing more and more people to recognize their welfare and that of the United States are in deep trouble, with increasingly visible forces destroying the country, the family, and the people’s security and standard of living. Read More ›
Hamburger and french fries
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Why In-N-Out Burger Is What Vibrant Conservatism Tastes Like

What is conservatism? Ask 10 people and you’ll get 10 different answers. In our confused American moment, knowing what conservatism is and what it isn’t will help us find clarity, invite sanity back into the public square, and give us a better chance to cure what ills our United States. Read More ›
Martin Luther King

What Today’s Cultural Marxists Would Be Wise To Learn From Martin Luther King Jr.

Nearly 200 years after the vision expressed in the Declaration of Independence, and 100 years after the Civil War and Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, King fulfilled his redemptive mission, sacrificing his life to finish the work he described as making people, “free at last, free at last.” Read More ›
Printing US dollar bills. Concept of United States economy, buying and selling banknotes in the worldwide. Global finance and business.
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Federal Budget: No Place for Freelancers

Team GOP's handshake spending plan includes two goals — to cap discretionary spending in fiscal 2024 to at 2022 levels as well as a budget blueprint that balances within 10 years. Read More ›