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The Israel Test – 25th Anniversary

In this timely and courageous book, George Gilder demonstrates that the widespread antagonism toward the state of Israel is based – as is anti-Semitism itself – on self-defeating envy and resentment of its superior accomplishments and moral leadership.      Israel’s stunning rise as a world capitalist and technological power, he argues, stems in part from the Jewish “culture of Read More ›


Need Help Navigating Modern Technology? Ask your elders!

Do you ever feel like you’re barely keeping up with modern technology? Maybe it’s a recent phone update that leaves you disoriented. Or you want customer service from a human but you’re forced to text with an AI. Perhaps you get decision fatigue scrolling through endless streaming options on TV, not sure what to take a chance on next. You’re not alone in experiencing feelings of weariness, frustration, and even grief about daily life in the digital age. Read More ›
Electric car charging with station, EV fuel advance and modern eco system, Save the earth conception. man connecting a charging cable to a car from an electric car charging station.
Electric car charging with station, EV fuel advance and modern eco system, Save the earth conception. man connecting a charging cable to a car from an electric car charging station.

Plug-in Hybrids Are the Future

If PHEVs were the preponderant vehicles, there would be no rush to build out an all-EV infrastructure, giving filling stations time to adjust and “right size” the number of fast chargers based on market demand rather than government mandates. Read More ›

COSM 2023

Is AI “generative” or degenerative? Does it usurp humans, or save us from new perils? This year’s COSM Technology Summit, to be held November 1-3 in Bellevue, Washington at the Bellevue Hyatt, will transcend these limited visions.COSM is an exclusive national summit on the converging technologies remaking the world as we know it. Read More ›
Air force missile system
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Time to Neutralize North Korea’s Missile Threat

Missile defense experts have long advocated a multi-layered approach to missile defense because of the difficulty of destroying an ICBM in flight. Yet, currently the United States relies on only one layer of homeland missile defense, a ground-based system of anti-missile interceptors based in Alaska and California. Read More ›

AOC and a Day Without Fossil Fuels

Green New Deal Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls for an end to fossil fuels by 2035. Her desire to protect the earth for future generations is understandable, even laudable. But what she doesn’t seem to appreciate is that humans are here on earth with lives to live, and in using the resources the earth provides there will always be some level of impact on the planet. Read More ›

The New Nanocosm

A panel representing companies on the leading edge of technology applications discusses emerging technologies holding great promise for human prosperity — from the conversion of waste to clean energy; to the production of graphene for a multitude of uses including building materials, lubricants, composites and coatings, sensors, and energy harvesting and storage; to revolutionary nanorobotic machines that can target and Read More ›


Is the Future Really on the Chain?

Sam Yilmaz, COO of Bloccelerate, moderates a panel featuring Wyatt Robinson, Gregory Meredith, William Dembski, and John DeVadoss, which explores the utility of blockchain technology in diverse applications — from cryptocurrency to legal contracts, non-fungible tokens, and communications.


China Decoupling

Andre Fuetsch, former CTO of AT&T, interviews Keith Krach, former U.S. Undersecretary of State and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, about U.S./China relations, Chinese technology, and Krach’s “trust principle,” which emphasizes democratic values such as respect for the rule of law, property, press, human rights, and national sovereignty; protection of labor and the environment, and standards for transparency, integrity, and reciprocity, Read More ›


COSM 2022 Closing Remarks with Carver Mead

Dr. Carver Mead, Professor Emeritus and California Institute of Technology and recipient of the prestigious 2022 Kyoto Prize for Advanced Technology, wraps up the 2022 COSM Technology Summit with his comments about how technology can empower individuals to make a positive difference in society.