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Published Today: The Conservative Environmentalist

Published today is Benji Backer’s book on how government ties up sound conservation policy in red tape that immobilizes real reform. Benji is a University of Washington grad I was proud to have as a Chapman Fellow at Discovery Institute a few years back. Read More ›
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Is Democracy in the United States Salvageable?

It’s obvious from daily conversation — and well-documented in poll after poll — that Americans have lost faith in U.S. political institutions. Former Seattle City Councilmember Bruce Chapman has written a brilliant book warning that the trend threatens to undermine representative democracy and lead to tyranny. But Chapman, who also served as Washington’s secretary of state, comes at the danger from a different angle than most. The book is Politicians: The Worst Kind of People to Run the Government, Except for all the Others. Read More ›

Book Review: “Politicians” By Bruce Chapman

There may be one or two Americans left in the country who don’t know that we are currently living in an anti-Establishment, anti-professional, anti-politician era. Nationally we have voted someone into the Presidency whose primary claim to high office is that he has never held office. (In my own state, we have had a smaller version of the exact same phenomenon.) In virtually every Congressional and state-level campaign beyond the Presidential elections, we have candidates (including incumbents) engaged in an ever-escalating rhetorical battle to claim the low ground of experience. In Politicians: The Worst Kind of People to Run the Government, Except for all the Others, Bruce K. Chapman argues that this disdain for long-serving public servants has to stop. Keep reading.

The Man Who Could Be King

The Man Who Could Be King

This lecture was recorded as part of Discovery Institute’s Gorton Series Lecture. Former U.S. Congressman John R. Miller discusses his new book The Man Who Could Be King, a historical novel about George Washington’s struggle over whether to heed the call of his officers to become king. Archived August 28, 5:00 pm Event Page at TVW

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More Than a Think Tank

While we still maintain an interest in public policy, we are increasingly a cultural institution — one that examines and challenges the worldview assumptions and cultural influences that drive public policy. Read More ›

Signature in the Cell – Book Release Party

Dr. Stephen Meyer lectures on his book Signature in the Cell in which he argues that the information in DNA and the query of the origin of life points to an intelligent source. The book came out on the bicentennial of Darwin’s birth and and the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of On the Origin of Species.

10 Big Lies About America

McNaughton Fellows Lecture by Michael Medved regarding his new book 10 Big Lies About America. He speaks about two things regarding his book: (1) Why he wrote the book. (2) What has surprised him since the book came out.

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Pres. Bruce Chapman – Commenting on the Census

Special Report with Bret Baier. President of Discovery Institute and former census director, Bruce Chapman condemns the new strategies of taking the census as laid out by Pres. Obama and his administration. Read More ›