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Barcelona. Monument to Christopher Columbus.
Barcelona. Monument to Christopher Columbus.

Why Columbus Day Should Be Celebrated

Seen from the big picture, Columbus Day is worth keeping and honoring because it was foundational to founding a new nation by people who largely shared the core beliefs and the qualities of character that were also exhibited by Columbus. Read More ›
Memorial Day -Arlington
Memorial Day -Arlington

Removing the Reconciliation Monument From Arlington Cemetery—Illegal and a Disgrace

Why should Americans oppose the decision of the now disbanded “Congressional Naming Commission”  to remove from Arlington Cemetery the Moses Ezekiel Reconciliation Monument—one of the greatest works of art in that hallowed ground? Read More ›

Labor Day: Celebrating the Vision of Human Flourishing

For most people, Labor Day is a rather vague holiday without the clarity and meaning typically associated with other holidays. Yet in its most complete context, Labor Day should be recognized as the holiday that celebrates not only labor, but also the ideas, job creators, and institutions central to the flourishing of the United States and its people. Read More ›

The Toxic War on Masculinity

“Why Can’t We Hate Men?” asks a headline in the Washington Post. A trendy hashtag is #KillAllMen. Books are sold titled I Hate Men, No Good Men, and Are Men Necessary? How did an ideology arise that condemns masculinity as dangerous and destructive?     Bestselling author Nancy Pearcey has a knack for tackling the tough issues of our day. A former agnostic, Pearcey Read More ›

Christian Easter concept. Jesus Christ resurrection. Empty tomb of Jesus with light. Born to Die, Born to Rise.
Christian Easter concept. Jesus Christ resurrection. Empty tomb of Jesus with light. Born to Die, Born to Rise. "He is not here he is risen". Savior, Messiah, Redeemer, Gospel. Alive. Miracle

Jesus Christ’s Resurrection: The Best Documented Event of Ancient History

It turns out that Easter, which has its ultimate meaning in the resurrection, is one of ancient history’s most carefully scrutinized and best-attested events. The resurrection is real and changes everything. Easter is the commemoration and celebration of the single event that transformed the world forever. Read More ›