Laura Ingraham Wesley Smith 9-20-22

Wesley J. Smith Discusses Biotechnology with Laura Ingraham

Discovery Institute Senior Fellow sat down with Laura Ingraham to explain how Biotechnology, an incredible scientific achievement, can also be used for pernicious purposes. For example, it could used for human cloning research or creating synthetic human embryos, or as means for the Biden administration to seize farm land.


Hope Camping Out in Spokane

Surrounded by vast farmland and enjoying majestic sunsets, Spokane is the largest city in Eastern Washington. It’s home to Gonzaga University, an abundance of outdoor activities, and the population is booming — including at a place called, “Camp Hope.”  Read More ›
Scientism is Unbelievable by Michael Newton Keas

Scientism Is Unbelievable

Historian of science Michael Keas critiques the idea of “scientism,” the claim that only science (not religion) is reasonable. He explains how this idea is based on fake stories about Christianity being at war with science in history. According to Keas, scientism also ignores evidence of how Christianity actually stimulated the growth of science. This presentation was taped at the Read More ›

Seattle's Unending Drug Crisis

Seattle’s Unending Drug Crisis

In this great American city, blessed with enormous wealth and natural beauty, a drug crisis is exploding on its streets. Along 3rd Avenue, against the backdrop of Pike Place Market in Seattle’s downtown core, the addicts smoke and inject all kinds of substances in plain sight. Read More ›

The Miracle of the Human Heart

How many times will your heart beat in your lifetime? How many red blood cells are pumped out with each contraction of your heart? And what parts of nature had to be fine-tuned to make our respiratory and circulatory systems even possible? Read More ›

The Debate Over Design in the Early Church

Current debates over whether nature displays evidence of intelligent design echo debates that took place in the first centuries of the Christian church. According to John West, there is much we can learn from those earlier debates. This presentation was taped at the 2022 Westminster Conference on Science and Faith in the greater Philadelphia area, which was jointly sponsored by Read More ›