Restorations Episode 3: This Movement Is Restoring Seattle

Andrea Suarez, the founder of outreach organization We Heart Seattle, joins me on this episode to talk about the power of volunteerism to restore city spaces and get people off the streets. We discuss protecting parks and green spaces, what's going wrong in Olympia, WA, and the failures of low-barrier supportive housing. Read More ›
How Earth Is Designed for Life (Dallas Conference on Science & Faith 2024)

How Earth Is Designed for Life (Dallas Conference on Science & Faith 2024)

Physicist Bijan Nemati explains how life on Earth depends on a variety of specific conditions set in nature. Dr. Nemati is a Senior Fellow with Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture and has been a scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and the University of Alabama at Huntsville. This lecture was taped at the 2024 Dallas Conference on Science Read More ›

Can This Man PROVE That God Exists Piers Morgan vs Stephen Meyer

Can This Man PROVE That God Exists? Piers Morgan vs Stephen Meyer

In a lively yet in-depth discussion, Piers Morgan drills down to the core of human existence with Stephen C. Meyer, the prominent ‘intelligent design’ advocate. In this Piers Morgan Uncensored special, Meyer firmly rejects the idea that a scientific worldview leads to atheism, arguing instead that ‘the universe requires a creator or cause’. When Richard Dawkin’s name is mentioned, Meyer Read More ›

Dr. Casey Luskin vs Dr. Dan Stern Cardinale- Is the Human Genome Largely Junk DNA?

Dr. Casey Luskin vs Dr. Dan Stern Cardinale: Is the Human Genome Largely Junk DNA?

Dr. Casey Luskin, scientist and attorney with the Discovery Institute and Dr. Dan Stern Cardinale (Aka CreationMyths), biologist and professor, discuss just how much of the human genome is “junk”, if “junk” DNA really even exists, and the methodology of Discovery Institute’s “Intelligent Design” research programs. Additional Resource:

Was Your Body Intelligently Designed

Was Your Body Intelligently Designed?

Medical doctor Howard Glicksman and systems engineer Steve Laufmann discuss the incredible design and functionality of the human body in this presentation taped at the 2023 Westminster Conference on Science and Faith sponsored by Discovery Institute and Westminster Theological Seminary. For more information on the topic of this talk, check out the book Your Designed Body by Glicksman and Laufmann: Read More ›

Keri Ingraham - Politically Unstable Podcast - April 2024

Dr. Keri D. Ingraham Discusses Education Innovation & School Choice on the Politically Unstable Podcast

There are pockets of amazing innovation happening around our country in K-12 education, but they are far too rare. One example of an innovative high school is West Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids. The school is in its 14th year, but few people know about it nationally. It should be a national headline because it is a model that deserves replication. Read More ›