Chinese Yuan and US dollars on the map of China. Trade war between US and China, economic sanctions

Xi Jinping’s Abrupt Reversal of Fortune Provides a Wake-Up Call and New Direction for America

Just a month ago it appeared to many that Communist China was more invincible than ever with Xi Jinping appearing to have tightened his control, securing another extended term at the 20th Party Congress. And while some in the media described his status as “a new Chinese emperor for life” or “Mao Zedong reincarnated,” everything has suddenly changed over the Thanksgiving Read More ›

Pilgrim Fathers arrive in America.. Date: December 1620
Pilgrim Fathers arrive in America.. Date: December 1620

Faith, Gratitude, And Perseverance: Americans Have Much To Learn From The Pilgrim Story

With our country passing through troubled times, it is worth revisiting the Pilgrims’ five significant achievements, which created the seminal story of America, and reveal remarkable insight into who we are and the qualities of character we need to overcome our present challenges. Read More ›
Laura Ingraham Wesley Smith 9-20-22

Wesley J. Smith Discusses Biotechnology with Laura Ingraham

Discovery Institute Senior Fellow sat down with Laura Ingraham to explain how Biotechnology, an incredible scientific achievement, can also be used for pernicious purposes. For example, it could used for human cloning research or creating synthetic human embryos, or as means for the Biden administration to seize farm land.


2023 Dallas Conference on Science & Faith

How has Christianity contributed to the rise of modern science? What do the latest scientific discoveries tell us about the existence of God? Explore these questions, and more, at Discovery Institute's 4th-annual Dallas Conference on Science & Faith. Read More ›
Portland, Oregon. USA 02.26.2022. People protest against the war
Portland, Oregon. USA 02.26.2022. People protest against the war in Ukraine. Russia's aggression towards Ukraine. Support for Ukrainians in the USA. Worldwide protection of Ukraine. Support for the people of Ukraine. News and media headlines

Will Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Spark the Next World War?

After many missteps in other policy areas — stoking inflation, the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan — President Joe Biden is treading more carefully as he navigates a minefield. Read More ›