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CO2 Is Historically Low — Too Low

What if, rather than being at unprecedented high levels, CO2 is at one of its lowest concentrations in the long history of the Earth and that the modest warming anticipated from increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases will be benign? Read More ›
Charging modern electric cars from station outdoors
Charging modern electric cars from station outdoors

Can the U.S. Electricity Grid Support All-Electric Vehicles?

Hybrid vehicles are the smart choice for now and into the future, particularly with plug-in hybrids that provide electric motor efficiency for local commutes along with the convenience and range of an internal combustion engine for longer trips. Read More ›
Vehicle with an electric motor. Electric vehicle charging. Eco car.
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The Folly of Electric Vehicle Mandates and Subsidies

All-battery electric vehicles (BEVs) have been hailed as a breakthrough innovation that will end the reign of inefficient, emission-spewing gasoline-powered vehicles — in the same manner that gasoline-powered vehicles put the horse and buggy out to pasture at the turn of the last century. Read More ›
Sunset above the windmills
Sunset above the windmills

Oregon and Washington State Green Energy Policies Are Burdening Individuals and Businesses While Providing Little Environmental Benefit, Discovery Institute Study Shows

The report concludes that a better common-sense approach would be to emphasize market-based approaches that eliminate burdensome mandates and subsidies and focus on providing low-cost, reliable energy supplies, especially emissions-free nuclear power. Read More ›