Darwinian Atheism

Dr. John West discusses God, Darwin, and morality. He says no apparent connection exists between Darwin and Atheism even though 94% of biologist would call themselves atheists or agnostics. He notes that to hold to Darwinian evolution and morality contradicts each other at a fundamental level which is to the credit of the atheist darwinianists for not making the contradiction of believing in both evolution and a morally imposing creator.

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Israel Test 2

George Gilder lectures on his book, The Israel Test. He notes the intimate relationship America has with Israel and how very important this intimacy is for our economy. He suggests there are a number of ways we need to learn from the nation and start implementing their various beliefs and strategies. Read More ›

Signature in the Cell: The First Year

Over the course of a year, Stephen C. Meyer’s Signature in the Cell has made a powerful impact for intelligent design, reaching a wide audience with its cutting-edge science. Visit for more information.

Obama’s Nuclear Gamble

John Wohlstetter, Sr. Fellow, Discovery Institute, points out that every administration makes a numbere of nuclear wagers. From peace treaties to threats, every president has made some gambles. Listen in as he discusses Obama’s nuclear gambles and his relationships with Iran, Russia, and others. Read More ›


What Contemporary Physics and Philosophy Tell Us About Nature and God

Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, Ph.D., and co-author of New Proofs for the Existence of God, waslks through some of the new arguments for God’s existence as reasoned from astrophysics. Listen in as he talks about universe expansion, anthropic fine-tuning, and other novel arguments from the past decade.