Elderly woman withe the walkier
Elderly woman walking with walker
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Belgian Health-Fund President: Euthanize Old People to Save Money

Earlier this month, I noted that a U.K. columnist was pushing euthanasia for the elderly as a way of saving national resources. That call has now been echoed by a Belgian health-insurance official for one of the five mutual-fund companies that provide the country’s mandatory health- and disability-insurance policies. Read More ›
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Normalizing Assisted Suicide Will Lead to a Duty to Die

Euthanasia isn't really about compassion but fear of decline and a loathing of dependency — and of those experiencing them. That nasty truth has become abundantly clear with a new column published in the Times of London. Read More ›
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Euthanasia Poisons People and Societies

Most of the media report on euthanasia in the glowing, uncritical language of empowered patients "dying peacefully on their own terms." In contrast, euthanasia abuses and horror stories—an ever-growing list—generally receive little focused media attention and remain outside the notice of people not engaged with the issue. Read More ›
Oncologist doctor holding patient's hand in hospital. Showing all love, empathy, helping and encouragement. He has end stage cancer disease. Healthcare in end of life and palliative care concept
Oncologist doctor holding patient's hand in hospital. Showing all love, empathy, helping and encouragement. He has end stage cancer disease. Healthcare in end of life and palliative care concept

The Nationalization of Assisted Suicide Will Have Far-Reaching Consequences

Progressive cultural radicals are busily nationalizing their policy agendas by breaking the usual legal comity among the states. For example, California recently declared itself a transgender sanctuary jurisdiction. Its law now actively interferes with out-of-state child custody orders by allowing non-resident gender dysphoric children who make it to California to access puberty-blocking and transition surgeries despite their custodial parent’s refusal of consent. Read More ›
Crowd of people walking busy city street backlit
Crowd of people walking busy city street backlit

Bioethicist Pushes Human Extinction in Prestigious Journal

The fear of suffering (or deprivation of personal desires) is causing untold moral harm in the West — from ever-expanding euthanasia laws to the march of increasingly radical reproductive technologies, to transitioning children with gender dysphoria with harmful puberty blockers and mastectomies on teenage girls, to transhumanistic advocacy that threatens to unleash new eugenics, etc. Read More ›
Older woman lying in hospital bed alone looking at the Christian crucifix asking for her healing.

No to Killing for Organs

The shortage of organs for transplantation is threatening to unleash immoral and unethical remedies. A terrible story out of Belgium illustrates the peril. Read More ›
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The Whispers of Strangers

Today is my 76th birthday," the letter began. "Unassisted and by my own free will, I have chosen to take my final passage." Suicide. My friend Frances died in a cold, impersonal hotel room after taking an overdose of sleeping pills, with a plastic bag tied over her head suffocating the life out of her body. Read More ›
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How Assisted Suicide Advocacy Overturned Roe v. Wade

Reversing pro-abortion beliefs could take decades. But then, so too did the great democratic struggle to reverse the great injustice of Roe v. Wade. In bringing the country to this portentous moment, the pro-life movement has taken its place in the grand tradition of social activism that is a hallmark of the American experience. Read More ›