Dr. Stephen Meyer on the G. Gordon Liddy Show

Dr. Stephen Meyer has a conversation on the G. Gordon Liddy show after the release of his book Signature in the Cell. They discuss anthropic fine-tuning of the universe, what intelligent design is, as well as academic freedom and the Dover Trial.

Q&A Revisiting the Reagan Revolution

This is a clip from the Nov. 9th book party hosted by Discovery Institute to celebrate the release of Dr. Steven Haywards monumental second volume on our fortieth President, The Age of Reagan. Following Haywards influential first volume chronicling the rise of conservatism, the second volume provides a complete narrative history of the Reagan presidency and its aftermath, covering both domestic and foreign policy. Read More ›

Obama v. Reagan on Bipartisanship

Dr. Steven Hayward shows the secret of Reagan’s success in bipartisanship negotiations. Dr. Hayward distills it down to his taking ownership of the situation–something that Obama fails to do.

David Berlinski on Dennis Miller

Dr. David Berlinski talks about his book The Devil’s Delusion with Dennis Miller. They talk through the main predicaments that Darwin faces. Berlinski clarifies the issues by quantifying the changes that must occur for darwinian evolution to occur.

Is Intelligent Design Viable?

Dr. William Lane Craig defends the viability of the often misunderstood and controversial theory of intelligent design from evolutionist and ardent ID critic Dr. Francisco J. Ayala. Bradley Monton is the moderator. Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, United States — November 5, 2009