Bringing ACES Vehicle Technology to the Puget Sound Region

Jay Richards interviews Bruce Agnew, Director of the ACES Northwest Network, about the collective’s work to bring Automated, Connected, Electric, and Shared vehicle technologies to the Puget Sound region. Agnew says that 5G will be key in implementing autonomous vehicles as it will increase bandwidth and reduce latency, thus adding a degree of technical capacity and safety. Read More ›

Estimating the Exaflood

[Listen to Podcast] EXECUTIVE SUMMARY An upsurge of technological change and a rising tide of new forms of data are working a deep transformation of the Internet’s capabilities and uses. In this third phase of Net evolution, network architectures and commercial business plans reflect the dominance of rich video and media traffic. From YouTube, IPTV, and high-definition images, to “cloud Read More ›

Alice in Cableland; Grokster in Fableland

In this issue of Discovery Institute’s online technology newsletter, Senior Fellow John Wohlstetter addresses two decisions of the United States Supreme Court, both released June 27. The first held that cable providers, unlike telephone companies, cannot be forced to offer Internet access to their competitors. The second held that “peer-to-peer” network providers who knowingly aid copyright infringement can be held Read More ›

Cleaning Kevin’s Clock

In this issue of Bandwidth, Senior Fellow John Wohlstetter reviews new figures on broadband deployment and how President Bush’s policies on telecom may affect the industry. Mr. Wohlstetter also reviews telecommunications policies under President Reagan.