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Sunset above the windmills
Sunset above the windmills

Oregon and Washington State Green Energy Policies Are Burdening Individuals and Businesses While Providing Little Environmental Benefit, Discovery Institute Study Shows

The report concludes that a better common-sense approach would be to emphasize market-based approaches that eliminate burdensome mandates and subsidies and focus on providing low-cost, reliable energy supplies, especially emissions-free nuclear power. Read More ›
wheat farm hill with wind mill
wheat farm hill with wind mill

State’s Climate Act Isn’t Worth Price We’re Paying

Washington state’s 2021 Climate Commitment Act (CCA), although high-minded in spirit, will do nothing to protect the state’s economy and environment from the effects of climate change. But what the CCA is already doing is burdening state residents and businesses with higher energy costs. Read More ›
olympia wa sunset
Olympia, Washington, USA State Capitol
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School Choice Good for Kids & for Public Schools

When it comes to innovation and advancements, Washington State has historically been a national leader. Yet the state has been painfully slow to implement change in an area where it's most critically needed — improving our K-12 education system. Read More ›
Public or Private School Green Road Sign Over Sky
Public or Private School Green Road Sign Over Sky

No Incentive to Provide Quality Service or Produce Results

One of the biggest differences between public and private K-12 schools is the incentives. Private schools are motivated to satisfy their customers, parents, and families — be responsive or risk losing them. Read More ›

Hope Camping Out in Spokane

Surrounded by vast farmland and enjoying majestic sunsets, Spokane is the largest city in Eastern Washington. It’s home to Gonzaga University, an abundance of outdoor activities, and the population is booming — including at a place called, “Camp Hope.”  Read More ›
Female Teacher With Two Elementary School Pupils Wearing Uniform Using Digital Tablet At Desk
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Charters are Solid Alternatives to Traditional Public Schools

House Bills 1591 and 1962 would address the two major weaknesses in Washington’s charter school laws. If passed, more charter schools could be created, and charter public schools would receive funding equal to traditional public schools. Read More ›
Washington State Capitol Building
Washington State Capitol Building

Misguided Mandate Will Cost Washington State

Get vaccinated or get fired. This was the ultimatum issued by Washington State Governor Jay Inslee in August that took effect on October 18, impacting thousands of the state’s public servants and community heroes — doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers, schoolteachers, and beyond. Read More ›