American Center for Transforming Education

Discovery Institute’s American Center for Transforming Education works with state legislators, policymakers and parents to promote systemic change to our nation’s education system so that it well serves the families that utilize it. Read More.


New Education Resource for Mississippi Parents

Empower Mississippi, a nonprofit educational advocacy group, along with other in-state partners, has created a helpful new tool called the Mississippi School Finder. The website “offers users a complete picture of public, private, and alternative education options available in their communities.” This is a great idea and a great resource for parents! Families will now be able to find the right fit for their children with ease. Whether your family favors traditional public schooling, schools focusing on certain disciplines, magnet schools, charter schools, private schools, home schooling, or virtual schooling, this is the place to go. The website also navigates scholarship programs for students preferring a private school setting. Hats off to Empower Mississippi!  This is a win for Mississippi Read More ›

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