Staff Directory

NamePhoneTitle / PositionEmail
Caitlyn Axe206-826-5550Program Coordinator, Center on Wealth and PovertyEmail
Pam Bailey206-826-5563Dallas Operations Manager, Discovery Institute Dallas.
Cell: (469) 420-5444 
Steven J. Buri206-826-5547President
Peter Biles206-826-5566Writer and Editor, Center for Science & CultureEmail
Mary Joyce Cable206-826-5569 Development Assistant, Center for Science & CultureEmail
Bruce Chapman206-826-5530Chairman of the Board
Jonathan Choe Journalist and Senior Fellow
Robert L. Crowther, II206-826-5549Director of Communications, Center for Science & CultureEmail
Steve Dilley206-826-5562Academic Mentoring Centers CoordinatorEmail
John Felts206-826-5532Education & Outreach CoordinatorEmail
Tova Forman206-826-5535Development Assistant, Center for Science & CultureEmail
Keri D. Ingraham206-826-5560Director, American Center for Transforming EducationEmail
Nathan Jacobson206-826-5545Director of Media and BrandingEmail
David Klinghoffer206-826-5552Senior Fellow and Editor, Evolution News & Science Today, Center for Science & CultureEmail
Casey Luskin206-826-5536Associate Director, Center for Science & Culture
Andrew McDiarmid425-296-1855Director of Podcasting, Senior FellowEmail
Jonathan McLatchie206-826-5564Resident Biologist & FellowEmail
Elaine MeyerCambridge Project
Jackson Meyer206-826-5534Program Assistant and Event CoordinatorEmail
Stephen C. MeyerDirector, Center for Science & Culture
Brian Miller206-826-5533Research Coordinator, Center for Science & CultureEmail
Dan Nutley206-826-5555Director, ITEmail
Erik L. Nutley206-826-5558Program DirectorEmail
Discovery Operator206-292-0401 
Daniel Reeves206-826-5557Director, Education & OutreachEmail
Emily ReevesResearch FellowEmail
Emily Sandico425-296-1860Special Projects Coordinator, Center for Science & CultureEmail
Eric Schneider206-826-5541Stewardship Officer, Major Gifts, Center for Science & CultureEmail
Steve Schwarz206-826-5540Director of Finance & OperationsEmail
Leslie Thompson206-826-5537Finance AssistantEmail
Kelley J. Unger206-826-5548Director, Discovery Society, Center for Science & CultureEmail
Andrea Waggoner206-826-5539Donor Care Coordinator, Center for Science & CultureEmail
John G. West206-826-5542Vice President, Discovery Institute, and Managing Director, Center for Science & Culture
Katherine West206-826-5543Web Developer and Data AdministratorEmail
Brian Westad206-826-5559Business Manager and
Executive Assistant to the Managing Director, Center for Science & Culture
Thomas Winkler206-826-5531Regional Ambassador, Center for Science and CultureEmail
Jonathan Witt206-826-5538Executive Editor, Discovery Institute Press, Senior Fellow and Senior Project Manager, Center for Science & CultureEmail
Penny Yeh206-826-5554Web and Content Production AssistantEmail