Staff Directory

NameExt.Title / PositionContact Info
Dawn ApuanResearch and Marketing Coordinator, Development Operations(206) 826-5536, [email protected]
Jonathan ApuanData and Systems Coordinator, Development Operations(206) 826-5546, [email protected]
Pam BaileyDallas Operations Manager, Discovery Institute Dallas(469) 420-5444 
[email protected]
Steven J. Buri1250President
Sarah Chaffee1200Program Officer for Education and Public Policy[email protected]
Bruce Chapman1010Chairman of the Board
Robert L. Crowther, II1070Director of Communications, Center for Science & Culture[email protected]
Nathan Jacobson1210Web Designer and Developer[email protected]
David Klinghoffer1520Senior Fellow and Editor, Evolution News & Science Today, Center for Science & Culture[email protected]
Maggie Kohl1620Program Coordinator, Center for Wealth & Poverty[email protected]
Emily Kurlinski1000Development Assistant, Development Operations[email protected]
Andrew McDiarmid1370Media Relations Specialist and Assistant to CSC Director Dr. Stephen Meyer(425) 296-4574 x306 Redmond Office [email protected]
Jackson Meyer1230Program Assistant and Event Coordinator[email protected]
Stephen C. MeyerDirector, Center for Science & Culture
Brian MillerResearch Coordinator, Center for Science & Culture[email protected]
Dan Nutley1140Director, IT[email protected]
Erik L. Nutley1310Director of Operations[email protected]
Discovery Operator1000(206) 292-0401 
Scott S. PowellSenior Fellow, Center on Wealth, Poverty, & Morality(954) 532-6324 
Daniel Reeves1510Educational Outreach Coordinator[email protected]
Ted RobinsonDevelopment Volunteer, Center for Science & Culture[email protected]
Steve SchwarzDirector of Finance & Operations(206) 826-5540
[email protected]
Donna J. Scott1280Development Assistant, Center for Science & Culture[email protected]
Leslie ThompsonFinance Assistant(206) 826-5537
[email protected]
Kelley J. Unger1260Director, Discovery Society, Center for Science & Culture[email protected]
John G. West1100Vice President, Discovery Institute, and Associate Director, Center for Science & Culture
Katherine West1180Program and Information Systems Specialist[email protected]
Jonathan WittSenior Fellow and Senior Project Manager, Center for Science & Culture[email protected]
Thomas Winkler1420Regional Ambassador, Center for Science and Culture(206) 292-0401
[email protected]
Bethany A. Woodward1530Stewardship Associate, Center for Science & Culture[email protected]