Between Presidents, a Dangerous Gap

Now that we have presumptive presidential nominees from the two major political parties, we need to turn our attention to the transition that will take place six months from now. One of the observations of the 9/11 commission was that the deeply flawed presidential transition of 2000 and 2001 created a dangerous period of vulnerability. As always, the crowd coming Read More ›

For Whom The Tolls Bell

Link to original editorialOregon is gearing up to build the biggest public works project in its history. Maybe. The state will make up its mind soon. Promise. For at least a dozen years, it’s been clear to everyone with a car and an appointment worth keeping that gridlock threatens to overwhelm the Interstate Bridge. The solution seems obvious: a new Read More ›

Saving The Earth Sensibly With A Carbon Tax

Los Angeles Times opinion columnist Ronald Brownstein writes that the Western U.S. is poised to lead on alternative energy. The "sagebrush rebellion" resource extraction push of decades past has given way to "a renewable revolution" bearing both real promise and all the expected consumer cost caveats, Brownstein posits.

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Saving Remnant

Original Article Michael Polanyi: The Art of Knowing, by Mark T. Mitchell (ISI, 215 pp., $15) The boulevard leading into Dachau from Munich is now called the Max Born Strasse. It is named after one of the greatest theoretical physicists of the 20th century, Max Born (1882–1970), a German Jew who taught in Frankfurt and Göttingen (1919–32) and then in Read More ›

Technology Will End Our Oil Addiction

Original Article There is strong public support for taking immediate action to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil. Our addiction to oil undermines national security and jeopardizes our economy and the environment. Because our oil payments often wind up in the hands of hostile interests in Middle Eastern countries and Venezuela, experts surmise that we are in effect paying for Read More ›

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Public School Science Standards a Key Issue

Original Article One of the hottest topics the Kansas Board of Education has tackled of late – and a key issue in the contests for the open seats on the body – is science standards for the state’s public schools. The six conservatives on the 10-member body adopted revisions to the standards in December, inserting new critiques and question marks Read More ›