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Dallas Conference on Science & Faith — 2021

Does our universe point to God? Do molecules show evidence of foresight? Were humans produced through an unguided evolutionary process or by intelligent design? Explore these questions and more at the third annual Dallas Conference on Science & Faith, sponsored by Discovery Institute on March 13, 2021. Read More ›
Alfred Russel Wallace: Father of Intelligent Design?
Alfred Russel Wallace: Father of Intelligent Design?

Celebrate Alfred Wallace’s Birthday on Jan. 8 with Historian Michael Flannery

One of the greatest naturalists of the nineteenth century, Alfred Russel Wallace co-discovered evolution by natural selection. Unlike Darwin, Wallace became convinced that life and the universe displayed clear evidence of purposeful design. Join us for an online birthday party as we celebrate the life and legacy of Wallace with historian Michael Flannery. Read More ›

Dr. Gunasekera on the Emerging Field of Nanomedicine

Nanotech has quickly become a fascinating and extensive area of scientific research. This emerging field is blossoming with opportunity and great promise — from nanoscopic cars to a wide variety of other nanomachines including drills that can be used in targeted cancer treatments. By operating on the same nanoscale as chemistry and biology, new levels of miniaturization and efficiency are Read More ›


Online Event Launching Michael Behe’s Latest Book — A Mousetrap for Darwin

According to Behe, one of the most powerful arguments that he is on the right track is the sheer vacuity of the attacks leveled against him, many offered by undeniably brilliant scientists. But are those criticisms really as empty as he thinks? Read More ›

Antibiotic Resistance & Bacterial Evolution — What’s the Real Story?

We’re excited to announce a live premiere of the latest episode of the Long Story Short YouTube video series. Perhaps you’ve already seen the first two episodes on homology and whale evolution? In this latest episode, our talented animator tackles yet another supposed linchpin of Neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory. Bacterial evolution and antibiotic resistance is one of the all-time greatest hits Read More ›


Official Launch of The Miracle of the Cell by Michael Denton

The Miracle of the Cell will explore yet another set of narrowly fine-tuned parameters that make human life — and all life — possible in an otherwise inhospitable universe. Dr. Denton will be interviewed on the subject of his new book and will answer audience questions submitted by readers like yourself. Read More ›

Three Authors Discuss Their New Book: The Price of Panic — How the Tyranny of Experts Turned a Pandemic into a Catastrophe

The Science & Culture Network Chapter in Southern California, with support from Chapters in Houston and Colorado, invites you to join this upcoming webinar and Q&A with Douglas Axe, William Briggs, and Jay Richards — the three authors of the forthcoming book The Price of Panic — How the Tyranny of Experts Turned a Pandemic into a Catastrophe. Regardless of Read More ›


The Promise of Design Triangulation

The Science & Culture Network Chapter in Colorado, with support from Chapters in Houston and Southern California, invites you to join this upcoming webinar and Q&A with Center for Science & Culture Senior Fellow Paul Nelson. Dr. Nelson will explain the concept of design triangulation and explore its promising application to biological discovery. Here’s a thought to whet your appetite. Read More ›

The Molecular Biology of Coronaviruses

Second in a series of webinars seeking to explain and explore the details and implications of the COVID-19 pandemic We are pleased to announce that the UK Centre for Intelligent Design will present a series of  live-streamed webinars entitled ‘Design in Virology?’  This series will explore some of the biological and biochemical dimensions of COVID-19 and discuss their implications. Webinar presenters Read More ›