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Topoisomerase Webinar with Joe Deweese

Topoisomerase II is an extremely important enzyme in your cells that is designed to untangle knots and supercoils in DNA strands that arise during replication and transcription. It does this by grabbing two tangled DNA segments, holding one steady while it breaks the other segment in two, and then passing the first segment through the break. The second segment is Read More ›

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Darwinian Racism Webinar with Author Richard Weikart

According to historians and scientists alike, Adolf Hitler was a Christian creationist who rejected Darwinian evolution. Award-winning historian Richard Weikart says otherwise. According to Weikart, Darwinian evolution crucially influenced Hitler and the Nazis. The Nazis zealously propagated evolutionary theory during the Third Reich. ​​​​Inspired by arguments from both Darwin and early Darwinists, the Nazis viewed the “Nordic race” as superior to other Read More ›

Amazing moment ,Monarch Butterfly , caterpillar, pupa and emerging with clipping path.
Amazing moment ,Monarch Butterfly , caterpillar, pupa and emerging with clipping path.

Metamorphosis — A Serious Challenge to Darwinian Evolution

Metamorphosis (from caterpillar to butterfly) is a roadblock that seems an insurmountable hurdle to the Darwinian model. The complete list of changes that occur in one to two weeks is astounding. Join us in exploring this phenomenon and more with our speaker Tom Siewert. Read More ›
Dallas Conference on Science and Faith 2022

Dallas Conference on Science & Faith

How has Christianity contributed to the rise of modern science? What do the latest scientific discoveries tell us about the existence of God? Explore these questions, and more, at Discovery Institute's 4th-annual Dallas Conference on Science & Faith. Read More ›
Human brain digital illustration. Electrical activity, flashes and lightning on a blue background.
Human brain digital illustration. Electrical activity, flashes and lightning on a blue background.

The Evidence for Dualism in Neuroscience with Michael Egnor

Our friends at The Centre for Intelligent Design in the U.K are hosting another amazing webinar. Check out their message below and consider joining us for what should be an incredible discussion on the neuroscientific evidence for dualism. On Monday, December 13th, Michael Egnor, Professor of Neurosurgery and Paediatrics at Stony Brook University of New York will be speaking at our next Read More ›


“Animal Algorithms” Webinar with Author Eric Cassell

How do some birds, turtles, and insects possess navigational abilities that rival the best manmade navigational technologies? Who or what taught the honey bee its dance, or its hive mates how to read the complex message of the dance? How do blind mound-building termites master passive heating and cooling strategies that dazzle skilled human architects? In The Origin of Species, Read More ›

LSS Origin of Life pt. 2

YouTube Premiere of “Long Story Short” Episode on the Origin of Life — Part 2: Polymerization

It’s finally here — part 2 of Long Story Short’s Origin of Life series! In this upcoming episode, the extraordinary process of polymerization will be exposed for what it really is — an incredibly complex system indispensable to all life. What explanations have been offered from a Darwinian framework regarding the origin of this process? Have they missed some crucial Read More ›

Return of the God Hypothesis Webinar

Our friends at The Centre for Intelligent Design in the U.K. are hosting a webinar featuring Stephen Meyer on his latest book, Return of the God Hypothesis. Read their message below concerning the new webinar series. On the day of, simply click the link at right to watch the YouTube live event. The first webinar of the series will be Read More ›

Unpacking “Return of the God Hypothesis” with Dr. Ray Bohlin

Are there scientific arguments for the existence of God? Dr. Stephen Meyer thinks so, which he explains in his new book Return of the God Hypothesis. A hefty read indeed, covering three broad but important topics: The beginnings of the universe The fine-tuning of the universe The intricate world of molecular biology Many are interested in these topics but just aren’t familiar Read More ›


How Science Points Us To God

Steve Buri and Dan and Cindi Mader are delighted to invite you to an event benefiting Discovery Institute and featuring Dr. Stephen Meyer. Dr. Meyer will discuss the intersection of science and faith, as presented in his best-selling book, Return of the God Hypothesis. Read More ›