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How Biology Lost Awe, and How to Get It Back

The Southern California Chapter of the Science & Culture Network is hosting an in-person event with Dr. Douglas Axe on the magnificence of life. Read below for a brief word provided by the chapter. If this interests you, be sure to register via Eventbrite by clicking the button to the right. Psychologists have observed that, regardless of upbringing, young children intuit that life was Read More ›

Learn all about these heroes of the microscopic world—and how they provide compelling evidence for intelligent design. Hosted by by bestselling author and biochemist Michael Behe, the first season of Secrets of the Cell recently surpassed more than 1.4 million views on YouTube. The season’s episodes were also re-edited into a half-hour program that was broadcast worldwide on cable and satellite TV.

Bacteria — Superheroes of the Microbial World

We invite you to join biochemist Michael Behe as he explores marvels of the microscopic world, including bacteria with their own navigation systems, microbes that eat plastic waste, and microscopic bugs that can shoot 60 molecular “bullets” per second. This is Episode 6 of Behe’s popular video series Secrets of the Cell. Learn all about these heroes of the microscopic Read More ›

eukaryotic cell with organelles
Components of Eukaryotic cell, nucleus and organelles and plasma membrane - 3d illustration

Tour of a Tiny City — An Excursion Into the Biological Cell

The Colorado Chapter of the Science & Culture Network invites you to join another webinar on one of the greatest challenges to Darwinism. Read below for a brief word provided by the chapter. In the 1800s, when evolutionary theory was being developed, the cell was thought to be a simple bag of protoplasm. There was nothing known about the mode of inheritance; they didn’t Read More ›


Richard Weikart on Darwinian Racism at SES National Conference on Christian Apologetics

One of our senior fellows at the Center for Science & Culture, Richard Weikart, has been invited to speak on the subject of his new book, Darwinian Racism, at this year’s National Conference on Christian Apologetics (NCCA) hosted by Southern Evangelical Seminary. He will be featured in two breakout sessions, on April 8 and 9. Read on for more information Read More ›

Westminster Design and Designer

Design & Designer: The Convergence of Science & Theology

Given enough time, can bacteria mutate into insects by chance? Can random mutations account for the existence of butterflies and whales and platypuses? What about the origin of the universe or the origin of man's ability to reason? Come and hear scientists and scholars discuss the limitations of chance and the abundant testimonies to design, as they come to realization from physics to proteins. Read More ›
Sunrise Mist over California Vineyard Landscape
Sunrise Mist over California Vineyard Landscape

Lux Forum Hosts Stephen Meyer on Return of the God Hypothesis

Lux Forum — a non-profit operating out of Napa Valley, California — will be featuring a public lecture with Stephen Meyer on his latest book, Return of the God Hypothesis: Three Discoveries that Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe. Read below for more information on the event and host. A message from the organizers: Join us for compelling discussions about Read More ›

Close up of eye iris on black background, macro, photography
Close up of eye iris on black background, macro, photography

The Design of the Human Eye with Jonathan Wells

Our friends at The Centre for Intelligent Design in the U.K. are hosting a webinar featuring Jonathan Wells on the design of the human eye. On the day of the webinar, simply click the button on the right to watch the live event on YouTube. Read their message below for further information. The Centre for Intelligent Design Our webinar series Read More ›


Topoisomerase Webinar with Joe Deweese

Topoisomerase II is an extremely important enzyme in your cells that is designed to untangle knots and supercoils in DNA strands that arise during replication and transcription. It does this by grabbing two tangled DNA segments, holding one steady while it breaks the other segment in two, and then passing the first segment through the break. The second segment is Read More ›

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 2.53.17 PM

Darwinian Racism Webinar with Author Richard Weikart

According to historians and scientists alike, Adolf Hitler was a Christian creationist who rejected Darwinian evolution. Award-winning historian Richard Weikart says otherwise. According to Weikart, Darwinian evolution crucially influenced Hitler and the Nazis. The Nazis zealously propagated evolutionary theory during the Third Reich. ​​​​Inspired by arguments from both Darwin and early Darwinists, the Nazis viewed the “Nordic race” as superior to other Read More ›

Amazing moment ,Monarch Butterfly , caterpillar, pupa and emerging with clipping path.
Amazing moment ,Monarch Butterfly , caterpillar, pupa and emerging with clipping path.

Metamorphosis — A Serious Challenge to Darwinian Evolution

Metamorphosis (from caterpillar to butterfly) is a roadblock that seems an insurmountable hurdle to the Darwinian model. The complete list of changes that occur in one to two weeks is astounding. Join us in exploring this phenomenon and more with our speaker Tom Siewert. Read More ›