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Design & Designer: The Convergence of Science & Theology

Given enough time, can bacteria mutate into insects by chance? Can random mutations account for the existence of butterflies and whales and platypuses? What about the origin of the universe or the origin of man's ability to reason? Come and hear scientists and scholars discuss the limitations of chance and the abundant testimonies to design, as they come to realization from physics to proteins. Read More ›
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Dallas Conference on Science & Faith

How has Christianity contributed to the rise of modern science? What do the latest scientific discoveries tell us about the existence of God? Can human engineering help us better understand the machinery of life? Explore these questions, and more, at Discovery Institute’s 4th-annual Dallas Conference on Science & Faith on January 22. Whether you join us in person in the Read More ›

Amazing moment ,Monarch Butterfly , caterpillar, pupa and emerging with clipping path.
Amazing moment ,Monarch Butterfly , caterpillar, pupa and emerging with clipping path.

Metamorphosis — A Serious Challenge to Darwinian Evolution

The Colorado Chapter of the Science & Culture Network invites you to join another webinar on one of the greatest challenges to Darwinism. Here is a brief teaser, provided by the chapter: Darwinian Evolution is based on a series of small step-wise changes, each of which increases the survivability of the species. This explanation seems to fit how a species Read More ›

Return of the God Hypothesis Cover Image
Return of the God Hypothesis Cover Image

Unpacking “Return of the God Hypothesis” with Dr. Ray Bohlin

Are there scientific arguments for the existence of God? Dr. Stephen Meyer thinks so, which he explains in his new book Return of the God Hypothesis. A hefty read indeed, covering three broad but important topics: The beginnings of the universe The fine-tuning of the universe The intricate world of molecular biology Many are interested in these topics but just aren’t familiar Read More ›


How Science Points Us To God

Steve Buri and Dan and Cindi Mader are delighted to invite you to an event benefiting Discovery Institute and featuring Dr. Stephen Meyer. Dr. Meyer will discuss the intersection of science and faith, as presented in his best-selling book, Return of the God Hypothesis. Read More ›

2021 Science & Faith Simulcast

Does our universe point to God? Do molecules show evidence of foresight? Were humans produced through an unguided evolutionary process or by intelligent design? Explore these questions and more by joining or hosting the 2021 Science & Faith Simulcast, sponsored by Discovery Institute and organized by In:ciite Events. You’ll have an opportunity to begin the conversation of science & faith in Read More ›


First Annual Ibero-American Conference on Intelligent Design

Discovery Institute is pleased to announce that our friends at the Brazilian Society for Intelligent Design (or, “Sociedade Brasileira do Design Inteligente”) will be hosting their first annual Spanish-language conference via livestream. Here is a message from the organizers: Have you heard about the theory which is revolutionizing science, known as the theory of intelligent design? This theory reveals — Read More ›

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Renowned Synthetic Chemist Speaks on "The Mystery of the Origin of Life"

A world-renowned synthetic chemist at Rice University, Dr. James Tour, has caused quite a stir in both the field of chemistry and culture at large by challenging the “just-so” stories that materialist scientists tell regarding the origin of life. His fascinating research into nanomachines, and their potential use in treating cancer and other diseases, has helped him to see the Read More ›

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The Basic Building Blocks & Origin of Life

Homology, whale evolution, antibiotic resistance, and more. These are some of the subjects, sacred to Darwinists, that receive unique treatment from our animated “Long Story Short” series. Clever, humorous, substantive, brief, “Long Story Short” now turns its attention to the origin of life — a most uncomfortable riddle for proponents of materialism. Episode 4, “The Basic Building Blocks & the Read More ›

Webinar with Stephen Meyer on “Return of the God Hypothesis”

Philosopher of science Dr. Stephen Meyer, Director of the Center for Science and Culture, will be joining a webinar hosted by the U.K.-based Centre for Intelligent Design to discuss his new book Return of the God Hypothesis. From The Centre for Intelligent Design: In this webinar, Dr. Meyer will address the question of whether modern science has proved that God Read More ›