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Again with the ‘Plants Are Intelligent’ Nonsense

Periodically, the mainstream media focus on advocacy for the idea that plants are intelligent and/or moral beings. For example, the New York Times ran a column some years back asserting that peas are persons. Why? Pea plants release chemicals in the soil that alert other pea plants of drought conditions. Read More ›

Why The Heart of the Matter is Information

If information, not matter, is the basic stuff of reality, how would this change the way we look at the world? On a classic episode of ID the Future from the vault, Center for Science and Culture Managing Director John West sits down with mathematician and philosopher Dr. Bill Dembski to discuss his 2014 book Being as Communion: A Metaphysics of Information. Building on his previous books making a case for intelligent design, Being as Communion presents a metaphysical framework for an informational world that can accommodate intelligent design. In Part 1, Dembski defines information and explains why it's more important than matter. Read More ›
Manhattan Midtown Skyline with illuminated skyscrapers at sunset
Manhattan Midtown Skyline with illuminated skyscrapers at sunset. NYC, USA

Helping the Manhattan Poor: A History

Much of what we hear in national media concerning homelessness originates in the salons of Manhattan, and if we want to understand why our policy savants sometimes go far off course, we should understand the history of New York City’s successes and failures. Read More ›
Can This Man PROVE That God Exists Piers Morgan vs Stephen Meyer

Can This Man PROVE That God Exists? Piers Morgan vs Stephen Meyer

In a lively yet in-depth discussion, Piers Morgan drills down to the core of human existence with Stephen C. Meyer, the prominent ‘intelligent design’ advocate. In this Piers Morgan Uncensored special, Meyer firmly rejects the idea that a scientific worldview leads to atheism, arguing instead that ‘the universe requires a creator or cause’. When Richard Dawkin’s name is mentioned, Meyer Read More ›

Dr. Casey Luskin vs Dr. Dan Stern Cardinale- Is the Human Genome Largely Junk DNA?

Dr. Casey Luskin vs Dr. Dan Stern Cardinale: Is the Human Genome Largely Junk DNA?

Dr. Casey Luskin, scientist and attorney with the Discovery Institute and Dr. Dan Stern Cardinale (Aka CreationMyths), biologist and professor, discuss just how much of the human genome is “junk”, if “junk” DNA really even exists, and the methodology of Discovery Institute’s “Intelligent Design” research programs. Additional Resource:


Stephen Meyer on Isaac Newton and the Scientific Revolution

On this ID The Future, we're pleased to bring you a longer-form conversation between philosopher of science Dr. Stephen Meyer and Rice University chemist and professor Dr. James Tour about Sir Isaac Newton and his influence on modern science. Dr. Meyer explains why the scientific revolution occurred when and where it did. He also describes Newton's singular contributions to science and his lasting legacy. This interview originally aired on The Science and Faith Podcast. We are grateful to Dr. Tour for permission to share it. Read More ›

2nd-Annual Polish Conference to Feature Three Discovery Institute Fellows

On June 3-4 at the Royal Castle of Krakow-Niepolomice in Poland, Discovery Institute Fellows Douglas Axe, Brian Miller, and Jay Richards will join Dominican friar, university professor, and author Michał Chaberek to present on the scientific theory of intelligent design and its implications for faith in God. This 2nd-annual conference, Faith & Science in the Age of Secularization, will explore Read More ›


A Reading From The Big Bang Revolutionaries

While the West reeled from America's stock market crash of 1929, another crisis was brewing in the field of cosmology. One of the most ambitious scientific theories in history--that the universe had a beginning--was beginning to take shape, ushering in a new cosmological paradigm. But the real heroes of the Big Bang revolution have been largely forgotten. A new book from Discovery Institute Press amends the record and tells the remarkable story. On this ID The Future, host Andrew McDiarmid reads an excerpt from The Big Bang Revolutionaries, by distinguished astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Luminet. Read More ›