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Rainbow over stormy sky. Rural landscape with rainbow over dark stormy sky in a countryside at summer day.
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Michael Behe, Stephen Meyer, John Lennox: The Evidence for Design is Growing

Old town in Cracow, Poland in autumn time.
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Faith and Science in the Age of Secularization

Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture is pleased to announce a co-sponsored event taking place in Krakow, Poland featuring Senior Fellows Günter Bechly, Michael Behe, Richard Sternberg, and Guillermo Gonzalez among other speakers. Read below for a description from the conference organizers. The Polish Senate has declared 2023 the year of Nicolaus Copernicus, one of the most famous astronomers Read More ›

sad girl sitting and  thinking in the classroom
sad girl sitting and thinking in the classroom

Parents Must Call for Reforms to K-12 Education

What happens when parents get involved in their children's education? Looking back we see a rich history of caring engagement and the accompanying benefits it brought to Washington State. But as the decades passed, parental input became less welcome in K-12 public education. Read More ›
Don NIelsen Interview

What Are the Key Areas of K-12? Don Nielsen author of Every School

In your book, Every School: One Citizen’s Guide to Transforming Education, you write about the need to transform three areas of K-12 education — teaching, leadership, and governance. Why those three areas?