Origin of Life: Recycling and Repair

Long Story Short, Episode 13 View at YouTube

We know that DNA contains information that is vital for life, but our DNA is constantly assaulted by chemical and physical processes, degrading its information content — threatening the ongoing existence of life. How do our cells prevent information degradation in our DNA? This video reviews the highly complex error-correction mechanisms in cells that help maintain the information in our DNA so life can survive. These complex mechanisms would be required for the first life to exist — posing yet another challenge to the chemical origin of life.

This is the eighth of several episodes about the origin of life presented as part of the Long Story Short series. If you enjoyed this one, you will like all the others. Clever, humorous, substantive, brief, Long Story Short is an occasional video series that compresses key points in the debate between Darwinism and intelligent design into a very welcome format: concise, accessible, and funny.

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