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Frightening Abuses of Science: A Conversation with Wesley J. Smith

Experiments on the living unborn. Organ harvesting. Reckless biotech. Radical environmentalism. These are not horror stories playing at your local movie theater. They’re playing out in labs, hospitals, and institutes across America. On this episode of ID The Future, host Andrew McDiarmid speaks with bioethicist Wesley J. Smith about frightening abuses of science being done in the name of progress. Read More ›

Rural road with dramatic clouds in southern Minnesota at sundown
Rural Minnesota road with dramatic clouds at sundown

The Middle of the Country

In the U.S., half of all the homeless persons who sleep outside do so in California, and it seems that at least half the coverage of homelessness in national publications concerns California. Read More ›
Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church, Cambridge
Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church view in Cambridge Massachusetts, USA

Too Pure for Harvard?

The BDS -- or Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions -- movement began in 2005 as a progressive effort to defund and isolate Israel. The goal has been to pull money from Israeli institutions, isolate the Jewish State and stoke cowardice in corporate boardrooms. Read More ›
Daughter is reading book to her international parents
Daughter is reading book to her international parents

How Texas Is Becoming the Frontlines for Parents-First School Choice

For far too long, K-12 public schools have been viewed as the only experts when it comes to educating children. Parents’ fundamental responsibility to serve as the primary educators of their children has been outsourced to these government institutes, where the vast majority of children remain trapped. Read More ›
USA flag on pole behind iron fence
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Beyond Orwell: The Players and Strategies of Today’s Censorship and Cancel Culture Part II

When crises come—whether a pandemic or war—most people become fixated on the immediate events and fail to connect the dots that provide a context for how those events may fit together in a deep state or globalist agenda. Read More ›
Older woman lying in hospital bed alone looking at the Christian crucifix asking for her healing.

No to Killing for Organs

The shortage of organs for transplantation is threatening to unleash immoral and unethical remedies. A terrible story out of Belgium illustrates the peril. Read More ›