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Energy Realities at the Nexus of Techno-Optimism

Every annual gathering of the technology glitterati at George Gilder’s COSM summit gives us a glimpse of a future that’s exciting for many, even if scary for some. It’s an optimistic vision of the future quite different from what is so often proposed by many myopic forecasters. The one thing though, that won’t be different in the future, regardless of the technology vision, is the central animating role of energy. Read More ›
Human vs artificial intelligence concept.
Human vs artificial intelligence concept.

AI Inbreeding Produces Artificial Idiocy

Can today's artificial intelligence systems be used to train superior artificial intelligence systems of tomorrow? Can AI write better AI that writes better AI leading to a potentially god-like general artificial intelligence? Read More ›
American flags on tombs of American Veterans on Memorial Day, Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky (Blur Effect)On National Register of Historic Places
American flags on tombs of American Veterans on Memorial Day, Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky (Blur Effect)On National Register of Historic Places

Veterans Day Is A Call To Sacrifice, And Americans Who Love Liberty Must Answer

Veterans Day, which was originally founded around the virtue of the cessation of hostilities in World War I rather than the commemoration of any individual, should be a holiday beyond reproach.  Read More ›

Presidents and Aspirants

We’re one year away from what promises to be a tumultuous presidential election. You might prepare by reading any or all of these four books. 1. The Presidents: Noted Historians Rank America’s Best—and Worst—Chief Executives, by Brian Lamb and Susan Swain (Public Affairs, 2019), turns their C-SPAN interviews with historians into chapters on presidents in order from best to worst, Read More ›

American Flag At Sunset
American Flag At Sunset

Threats to the United States now at a Whole New Level

It turns out that nations do not stumble into wars and conflict. Wars are generally the result of globalist forces with ulterior motives or political leaders who seek to shore up and protect their political position by demonizing a target, like Russia, and then rallying the people’s support around the enemy of that target, like Ukraine, in the name of patriotism and American interests. Read More ›
Young couple sending their children to school
Young couple sending their children to school

School Choice Hypocrisy: Good for My Children, but Not Yours

There are five major categories of people working to block school choice for others despite taking advantage of it themselves. The most hypocritical — those who send their own children to private schools as their wealth allows but don’t want others to have that opportunity. Read More ›
Silhouette of terrorist holding rifle against burning tank
Silhouette of terrorist holding rifle against burning tank

Weakness and Underestimating Enemies Invites War

The talk about whether the United States could prevail in a two-front war—against Russia in the European theater to defend Ukraine and against China in the Pacific theater to defend Taiwan—has suddenly been eclipsed.  Read More ›
statue of president teddy theodore roosevelt on roosevelt island in washington, dc

Strange and Maybe Wonderful Case of a New Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library

It is now newsworthy (in the New York Times) that North Dakotans are in the process of building a $333 million Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library. It is a private philanthropic venture not connected to the National Archives collection of presidential libraries that go back to the middle of the last century. Read More ›