Violent Evictions and the Anarchists of Reddit

Last spring, a tenant named “Eucytus” fired at deputies while barricaded in the apartment and then died by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Seattle detective David Easterly was critically injured by a gunshot wound during the incident. In a statement that feels grossly oversimplified, Housing Justice Project Attorney Edmund Witter said of the barricade-suicide-eviction, “Evictions for nonpayment of rent are preventable with more support and the right programs.” Read More ›
An elderly man in bed in close-up. Elderly care, hospice care. Long-term care for the elderly, rehabilitation
An elderly man in bed in close-up. Elderly care, hospice care. Long-term care for the elderly, rehabilitation, physical therapy
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Bill Would Require Federal Funds to Pay for Assisted Suicide

The use of federal funds to cover any costs associated with assisted suicide is currently against the law based on a bill signed in 1997 by President Bill Clinton after Oregon's lethal law went into effect. Now, a new bill has been introduced to force Medicare, the VA, and the federal share of Medicaid to cover expenses associated with assisted suicide. Read More ›
A long line of students walking down a hallway.
A long line of students walking down a hallway. Digital image. Back to school concept illustration.
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How School Indoctrination Is Sabotaging the U.S. Economy

The U.S. economy is headed in the wrong direction. Gross government overreach is regulating private companies out of business. Inflation is hitting Americans from all angles. It is no surprise that economic confidence is dismal at best. Read More ›
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Families, Politics, Baseball, Movies

We all tend to favor life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but what happens when the pursuit ruins children’s happiness (and sometimes keeps them from life itself)? Melissa Kearney’s The Two-Parent Privilege (U. of Chicago, 2023) shows that the national Wars on Poverty and Drugs have been less effective than the War on Family that the cultural left has Read More ›

male homeless and his dog
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Beyond the “Vets, Pets, and Kids” View of Homelessness

This column starts my third year of weekly writing about homelessness, with the goal of learning, teaching, and eventually turning the columns into a book. Both human interest and intellectual interest propel me. I'll start with the human interest and the two words "suffered enough." The expression comes to mind every time I live in a homeless shelter for a few days and ask residents about their pasts. Read More ›
Patient sitting on wheelchair
Rear view of sad and depressed female patient sitting on wheelchair with saline bottle in hospital room looking towards curtains on window
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Euthanize Me, or I’ll Starve Myself to Death

In Canada, an autistic 27-year-old suicidal woman known as M.V. — whose judicially approved euthanasia was delayed until at least October by her father's claim that she does not qualify — is now starving herself to emotionally blackmail the court into allowing her to be killed expeditiously. Read More ›
Louisiana (USA) flag waving on the wind
Louisiana (USA) flag waving on the wind
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Louisiana to Become 12th State to Adopt Universal School Choice

The Louisiana Senate and House have passed a sweeping school choice bill that will reach all families statewide by 2025. The bill will become law with the signature of Gov. Jeff Landry (R-LA), a longtime school choice advocate. With his soon-coming signature, Landry will make good on his promise by delivering education freedom to all Louisianans during his inaugural year in office. Read More ›
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Time to Take Sound Money to the Federal Level

The idea of “Sound Money” — this means using gold and silver as money — has been persistently popular among the states for over a decade. Beginning with Utah in 2011, one state after another has removed barriers and impediments to using gold and silver, and digital or other alternatives based on gold and silver, in a monetary role. With over 40 states now having passed some kind of Sound Money legislation, it is now time to take on the federal government. Representative Alex Mooney (R), of West Virginia, recently introduced the Monetary Metals Tax Neutrality Act, HR 8279, into the US House. The bill aims to repeat, at the federal level, what has already been accomplished in many states. Read More ›
US flag and flag of Texas flying proudly above the Texas State Capital
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Greg Abbott Went to War for School Choice — He Appears to Have Won

Texas voters made their voices heard at the ballot box last week by ousting from the state House of Representatives Republicans who had voted with Democrats to block school choice for families in the Lone Star State. The Texas House is now positioned to successfully pass a sweeping school-choice bill on behalf of Texas families in the 2025 legislative session. Read More ›
man holding smoking a cigarette in hand. Cigarette smoke spread.
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‘Tobacco-Free Generation’ Establishes Age-Based Ban on Sale of Tobacco — to Adults

I don't smoke, but I am wary of efforts to prevent other people from so doing. Now, blue cities — and soon states, most likely — have hit upon a way to ban smoking known as "Tobacco Free Generation" (TFG). Read More ›