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Comic Book Screwtape, $10

“For some years now poor Walter Hooper (sic) has not been the person who decides what material under copyright control, owned by, or controlled by, the C.S. Lewis Estate, is to be published and what is not. I am employed by that estate to recommend on quality control and copyright infringement…. You may not like some of the decisions which Read More ›

“Most Substantial People” Lewis Fragment Discovered

Incredible as it seems, there is an important unfinished novel by C.S.Lewis still waiting to be read. For over twenty years this 5,333-word gem has been stored in the Wade Center with Warren Lewis’s other gifts intended for everyone who cares about Lewis. It combines Lewis’s masterful style and readability with his usual focus on truth and goodness. Ironically, one Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 61, Summer 1994 From the Mailbag

I appreciate all you have done to disseminate and protect the gift of a writer who is, it seems to me, quite possibly the most influential Christian apologist of the last two centuries. Richard John Neuhaus, President, Religion and Public Life In school I had the book Major British Writers (Harcourt, 1954), a series under the general editorship of G.B. Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 61, Summer 1994 Assorted Quotations

I never in my most sanguine moments dreamed that the invasion of Europe would go quite so well. September 6, 1944, C. S. Lewis’s letter to Sister Penelope I have appreciated the work of C. S. Lewis, particularly his essays. Mere Christianity was placed in my hands at a time when I don’t know what I would have done without Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 61, Summer 1994 Stop and Shop

C. S. Lewis: Green & Hooper biography, fall 1994, Harcourt, $12.95softcover. Revised? Canadian C.S. Lewis Journal: now available from Editor Roger Stronstad, c/o Western Pentecostal Bible College. U.S. orders: send $10 to P.O. Box 70, Sumas, WA 98295. Canadian orders: send $12 to Box 1700, Abbotsford, B.C., V2S 7E7. British orders: send 5.00. The Door: serious Christian humor and satire Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 61, Summer 1994 Notes and Quotes

I’m not recommending foolhardiness or bravado. I don’t think that’s what [the four rescuers of Reginal Denny during the Los Angeles riots] were engaged in. I think they were engaged in moral action and moral choice. This strikes me as especially notable in a time when there is so little bravery available for generous purposes and so much bungee-jumping type Read More ›

Screwed Again

A satirical but factually true book review published in The Wittenburg Door, April-May 1976. AS I WAS HAVING DINNER with Dick Ostling, religion editor of Time magazine, recently, he asked me what I thought about the ads for Walter Martin’s new book Screwtape Writes Again. “When I was having tea with Owen Barfield (C.S. Lewis’s solicitor) in London recently, I Read More ›

Kilns “Restoration Project” Places Five-Foot Cross in Red Tile Roof

As the Kilns myth grows, naively sentimental writers sometimes refer to C.S. Lewis’s no-nonsense red brick house as a “fairy-tale cottage” set in a “magic wood.” The film “Shadowlands” romanticizes it as elegantly picturesque (and brickless). In reality, since Maureen Dunbar sold the front yard of the Kilns to a housing developer, Kilns charm exists only in the minds of Read More ›

Remembering John Wain Oxford Professor of Poetry, Pupil of C. S. Lewis

The Sunday Telegraph, 15 January 1989 John Wain was born March 1925 and died 24 May 1994. Fellow-poet Peter Levi wrote, “Who will speak of his sweetness, untidiness, scholarship, or deep, deep generosity? Of the clarity and perfect phrasing of his letters, of his genius for friendship?” Wain described the relationship between Hooper and Lewis as like ivy growing over Read More ›

Personal View: John Wain — Sunday Times, 11 September 1988

…I remember the first time an American university lecturer remarked to me innocently, “I teach Auden.” My impulse was to reply, “Yes? And what d’you teach him?” That was 30 years ago. I would not have that impulse today, when we are all taught and “done” and bundled up and handed out as part of a package of Education. Does Read More ›