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Alan Wolfe Turns Evangelical ——————————- CRSC response: Ms. Shulevitz’s bigoted rant (note the religious insult in the opening sentence) is such a gem that it requires little comment, except to mention regrettably that Slate has already begun editing out her gaffs. The original story had the following: “The fossil record is full of evidence that some primitive gizmo, such as the eyespots on Read More ›

Lerner Report Whitewashes Bad Science:

The Fordham Foundation’s highly touted report by Lawrence Lerner, “Good Science, Bad Science: Teaching Evolution in the States,” recommends increased emphasis in America’s public schools on biological evolution–which the report never adequately defines. (1) But the Lerner report fails to point out that students are being systematically misled about the scientific evidence, and it thereby encourages precisely the sort of Read More ›

Happy Birthday Wired

Near the turn of the last century, scientists contemplated with rising anxiety what might have been termed the Year 1900 Crisis. Embalmed in the mathematical coffins of Newton and Maxwell, the science of matter was undergoing a near-death experience. Except for extrapolating the lordly equations of gravity and electromagnetism, there seemed to be nothing left of any great consequence for Read More ›

Biology texts, state teaching policies criticized, defended

The teaching of biology is getting poor grades this year amid criticism of confusing textbooks and lackluster state science standards. Despite the complaints about materials, biology teachers are doing a fine job, said the president-elect of the National Association of Biology Teachers. “Our teachers are just excellent, and they work with what they have,” said Ann Lumsden, professor of biology Read More ›

Stem cell research for the treatment of cancer
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Michael Kinsley Out on a Limb

The Clinton Administration recently issued a new set of rules permitting federally funded research on embryonic stem cells. The guidelines were hailed in many quarters as a victory for “science.” But what kind of science? Astonishingly, some supporters are offering arguments that echo the ideas of the racist scientists who paved the way for the Third Reich. The medical value Read More ›


...there's a serious problem that the demolish-the-Viaduct crowd hasn't taken into account. The Viaduct isn't a piece of modern sculpture--it's a major freeway. Each day, about 190,000 drivers motor through downtown on Interstate 5 and about another 100,000 make the trip on SR99. So this not-entirely-attractive structure represents one-third of the north-south freeway capacity in a city in which worsening traffic is the major civic gripe. Is anyone seriously thinking of just tearing the Viaduct down and not replacing it? At least the Discovery Institute folks are facing reality with their tunnel proposal--sort of. Viaduct critics are quick to trot out state estimates for retrofitting ($344 million) or replacing the Viaduct ($530 million), but a similar tunnel proposal costed out at more than $1 billion when it was proposed six years ago. That proposal also would have funded construction with vehicle tolls, an approach the Discovery Institute study would emulate. "The attitude toward tolls for new [transportation] facilities may have changed in the post-695 world," the Institute's Bruce Agnew comments hopefully....the Seattle Transportation Group's 1994 Alaskan Way toll-road proposal was easily available for extended study. The state's plan to allow private companies to build new roads and bridges and charge tolls proved so unpopular that most of the formal proposals were stashed in file cabinets by fearful bureaucrats. Read More ›

“E” is for evolution; “F” is for Fordham

We count on scientists to tell us what they know and do not know–not just what they want us to hear. But when it comes to the origin and evolution of life on earth, spokesmen for official science–and science education–have been far less forthcoming than we might wish. When writing in scientific journals, leading biologists candidly discuss many scientific difficulties Read More ›

Polanyi committee suggests compromise:

A report issued by the peer review committee appointed to evaluate the credibility and legitimacy of the Michael Polanyi Center was finally released Tuesday morning, stating that despite controversy, it found the Center’s research legitimate. The committee, composed of eight respected scholars from all over the country and led by Dr. William F. Cooper, recommended that the university should “foster Read More ›

‘Intelligent design’ center at Baylor gains support from review committee

A controversial center at Baylor University researching the idea that life was created through “intelligent design” instead of evolution should be allowed to continue its work, an external review committee said Tuesday. The committee recommended that a faculty advisory committee be appointed to try to improve the academic center’s relationship with the rest of the university. It also recommended that Read More ›