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Lewis Corrispondence on Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, Sermons and Humility

Lewis on Psychotherapy “I certainly had not realized from your previous letter how distressing the problem was; my allusion to the psychotherapists was a fling at the increasing modern habit of seeing all personal difficulties in terms of disease and cure, and so reducing things that are really moral or intellectual or both to the pathological element. In your own Read More ›

The Depiction Once Seen

At Lewis’s funeral service in 1963 his friend Austin Farrer paid this tribute to him: “It was this feeling intellect, this intellectual imagination, which made the strength of his religious writings … His real power was not proof, it was depiction. There lived in his writings a Christian universe which could be both thought and felt, in which he was Read More ›

Sheldon Vanauken

SHELDON VANAUKEN LEGACY: BOOKS AND CORRESPONDENCE Sheldon Vanauken, who died at home in Lynchburg, Virginia on 28 October 1996, was a personal friend of C. S. Lewis. He was also an amazingly generous, succinct, and lively correspondent, who often said more on one postcard than others say on two full pages. (His neat, tiny script and abbreviations were easy to Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 71, Winter 1997 From the Mailbag

What a lot in Legary #70! I particularly enloyed the thumbnail summary of Lewis’s views on dreams. Your essay on the natural law hit me at an opportune time. I’d just read Abolition. What an amazlngly prescient book, worth more than all those sanctimonious money-makers from Bennett put together. Brenda Griffing, Lakeland, FL I called the Manuscripts Department of the Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 71, Winter 1997 News and Views

David Clark will lead the annual Lewis seminar at Valyermo, CA on 14-18 July 1997. Topic: “The Redemption Story in the fiction of C. S. Lewis.-Information: (310) 532-9973. John West’s article “C.S. Lewis and the Materialist Menace” is now available free in three forms: (1) a handsome printed copy from Discovery Institute. 1402 Third Avenue, Suite 400. Seattle, WA 98101, Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 71, Winter 1997 Stop and Shop

Expiration Date (Tor, 1996), the latest fantasy novel by Lewis-lover Tim Powers, begins with an 11-year-old boy who breaks into his parents’ plaster bust of Dante and inhales the ghost of Thomas Alva Edison. The book is an adult ghost story set in Los Angeles. According to a review in the Los Angeles Times, it “is a fine melange of Read More ›

The Pundits’ Crystal Ball Says:

Nobody Will be Elected President in 1996by J. Pierpont Pundit* Pundittown, Inside the Beltway–There are great benefits to your reading an insider’s column like this one. Thanks to the wisdom of the pundits, you can now be told the outcome of the 1996 Presidential Election, ten months early. A preliminary hint: You voters are wasting your time. Starting sooner than Read More ›

We Love Frank Raines, But Hold the Champagne on the Budget Deal

There they were on C-Span, the Republican Congressional Leadership, all waggish smiles. The atmosphere in the Capitol Rotunda implied champagne and balloons. You would have thought they had just won the World Series, World War III or at least a national election. The “Contract with America” is vindicated, they announced. They were all hugging each other like, well, Democrats. It Read More ›

Racial Tallies will serve only to divide us more

The Census Bureau projected recently that by the middle of the 21st century “non-Hispanic whites” will constitute only 52.8 percent of the U.S. population, Hispanics will have doubled to 24.5 percent, blacks increased slightly to 13.6 percent and Asians almost trebled to 8.2 percent. Supposedly, the news is that high birth rates among Hispanics and immigration among Asians are changing Read More ›

Region Continues to Pay for Failure in US-Canada Relations

This time next year, when you think of taking the family up to Canada for a visit, or go on your own trip for business, you could find yourself waiting in lines of seven or eight hours duration at Blaine while totally superfluous paperwork is handled by Immigration and Naturalization (INS) officials. Something nearly as grim could await you at Read More ›