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Trouble in Political Paradise

When House Speaker Tom Foley and his GOP challenger George Nethercutt debate next week at the Gonzaga University Law School more than just Spokane will be watching-and with good reason. CPAN’s decision to carry the debate nationwide reflects a growing sense that something almost cataclysmic is happening across the American political landscape from Ted Kennedy’s Massachusetts to Tom Foley’s Eastern Read More ›

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The Fallacy of Contextualism

In the last several decades both philosophy and theology have increasingly taken a “contextual turn.” The contextual turn begins with the observation that all of human inquiry occurs within contexts. By itself this observation is perfectly innocuous. It is patently obvious that each of us thinks and moves within certain social, linguistic, and epistemic contexts. We are not disembodied spirits Read More ›


New low earth orbit satellites mark as decisive a break in the history of space-based communications as the PC represented in the history of computing. Pay attention to much-maligned Teledesic. Backed by Craig McCaw and Bill Gates, it is the only LEO fully focused on serving computers George Gilder “They’ll Be Crowding The Skies.” THUS STEVEN DORFMAN, president of telecommunications Read More ›

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Just the Facts, Please

Here's what did happen. The Board did adopt new statewide science testing standards. Curriculum was left where it had been, in the hands of local districts. Read More ›

Washington, D.C. Panel Explores The Dark Tower

On Saturday, 6 August 1994, a panel of five addressed C.S. Lewis Hoax topics with an audience of about fifty at Mythcon XXV, held at American University in Washington, D.C. Reporting in September Mythprint, Mary Stolzenbach refers to the panel’s “fireworks.” Panel members included (in order of speaking) Joe Christopher, moderator; Sam Konkin, editor of the Southern California Lewis Society Read More ›

Assorted Quotes from Myhtopoeic Discussion

Sam Konkin: We have taken our partisan positions because we’ve been involved in this conflict for five or ten years. If Lewis didn’t write The Dark Tower, who did? (See page 2.) Wendell Wagner: Walter Hooper has managed to create a mess in Lewis scholarship that’s going to persist for decades. John Bremer: In dealing in a scholarly way with Read More ›

An Old Letter from Lindskoog to Konkin

12/31/90 Sam Konkin260 South Lake Avenue #173Pasadena, CA 90010 Dear Sam, Many years ago I took brief notes from you in my copy of The Dark Tower. You used the terms ficto-science, paraverse, and U Chronic. You said the latter means cross-time, where everything happens differently elsewhere. De Kamp wrote of this in the 1940s, and Philip K. Dick used Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 62, Autumn 1994 From the Mailbag

While I was in Oxford [this year], I went on a tour of the Kilns on May 24th conducted by Walter Hooper as part of the Oxford C. S. Lewis Society. This was in the evening, so I didn’t see much of the outside of the Kilns. The interior looks nicely kept up, with newly painted walls and new floors, Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 62, Autumn 1994 News and Views

“Lewis’s stepson, Douglas Gresham…is writing a screenplay based on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the first of Lewis’s seven-volume Chronicles of Narnia. ‘I probably know Narnia better than anyone alive,’ says Gresham, 48, who lives on a country estate in Ireland.” Sunshine (13 March 1994), 4. “According to Gresham, The Magician’s Nephew should be considered the starting point Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 62, Autumn 1994 Stop and Shop

The Newsletter of the Salinas Valley C.S. Lewis Society is now a digest-sized quarterly named The Salinas Valley Lewisian. (Order from M J Logsdon, 119 Washington Dr, Salinas, CA 93905. $5 per year.) Newsweek (5 September 1994) reports that William Lindsay Gresham’s Nightmare Alley will be the third novel in Neon Lit’s new adult comic book series from Avon. Warriors Read More ›