Intelligent Design Education Day — Richmond

For the past few years, the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture has hosted “ID Education Days” in both Seattle and Dallas. These events offer home and private school students and educators a chance to meet and hear from some of the leading scientists and scholars in the ID movement. Just as importantly, it’s a chance for these high school Read More ›


Darwin Devolves: The Failure of Chance

2019 Westminster Conference on Science and Faith The Center for Science and Culture, in partnership with the Westminster Theological Seminary, is excited to announce the 2019 Westminster Conference on Science and Faith… Given enough time, can bacteria mutate into insects by chance? Can random mutations account for the existence of butterflies and whales and platypuses? What about the origin of Read More ›

Dallas Conference on Science and Faith

According to a nationwide survey, more than two-thirds of atheists and one-third of agnostics believe that “the findings of science make the existence of God less probable,” while nearly half of self-identified theists believe “the findings of science are neutral with regard to the existence of God.” But what if there is another option? What if the discoveries of science Read More ›


Homelessness in Seattle

People in Seattle are well aware of the magnitude of the homeless problem. City leaders insist that more funding is needed to tackle this issue, but is money really the barrier to progress? Documentary filmmaker Christopher Rufo has conducted extensive research on the issues of poverty and homelessness in Seattle and around the country. Rather than just throwing money at Read More ›