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Reasons 2019

Do you ever have the feeling that science conflicts with faith? Well, you are not alone. 59% of American adults believe "science and religion are often in conflict". But what if there is another perspective? What if the discoveries of science in fact support the existence of and belief in God? Read More ›

The Darwinian Roots of the Devaluation of Life

Ideas have consequences, and Charles Darwin’s idea that life developed through an unguided material process has had momentous consequences for both human thought and public policy. In this talk, award-winning author and filmmaker John G. West will discuss how Darwinian biology played a pivotal role in the development of eugenics, scientific racism, abortion, and other anti-life practices during the past century-and-a-half. He Read More ›

Science and Faith: Friends or Foes?

For questions about registration & accommodations please contact the Riley Center at 817.923.1921 x 2440, or toll free at 877-474-4769. Are science and faith at war? Does science undermine or corroborate belief in God? Does faith suppress or inspire scientific research? Explore these questions and more at this two-day conference to be held October 23-24, 2009 at the Riley Conference Read More ›

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Darwin Devolves: The Failure of Chance

Given enough time, can bacteria mutate into insects by chance? Can random mutations account for the existence of butterflies and whales and platypuses? What about the origin of the universe or the origin of man's ability to reason? Come and hear scientists and scholars discuss the limitations of chance and the abundant testimonies to design, as they come to realization from physics to proteins. Read More ›

Intelligent Design Education Day – Seattle

Now offered for the fourth year in a row in Seattle, WA, we invite you and your students to our Intelligent Design Education Day, hosted by Discovery Institute on Wednesday, March 20. This is a special opportunity for private school teachers, home educators, and parents to bring students on a day-long field trip event to learn more about intelligent design and interact with leading scientists and scholars in the ID movement. At the end of each session, students will be given a chance to ask questions of the speakers. Read More ›

Christian Scientific Society Regional Meeting

Come hear Dr. Stephen Meyer, along with other distinguished speakers, present at the Christian Scientific Society’s (CSS) regional meeting in Southern California on March 10-11! The theme of the meeting is Emergence, Spontaneous Pattern Formation, and the Origin of Life. Dr. Meyer, director of Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture, will speak on the origin of life and the evidence for Read More ›


Intelligent Design Education Day — Richmond

ID Education Day offers home and private school students and educators a chance to meet and hear from some of the leading scientists and scholars in the ID movement. Just as importantly, it’s a chance for these high school students to experience true academic freedom — where established theories are still open for critique based on new scientific discoveries, and new theories are given a fair hearing in their place. Read More ›

Dallas Conference on Science and Faith

Tackle hard questions head-on at the upcoming Dallas Conference on Science and Faith on January 18-19, 2019. Held on the campus of Park Cities Baptist Church, the conference will explore exciting scientific discoveries about the origin and fine-tuning of the universe, the origin of the first life, and the origin and development of complex life. The conference opens on Friday evening (7:30-9:00 pm) with a Socrates in the City interview between Eric Metaxas and Stephen Meyer, and continues on Saturday (8:45 am-4:15 pm) with a full day of sessions and additional speakers. Read More ›

Zombie Science National Book Party

Join us for the national launch of biologist Jonathan Wells’ new book Zombie Science: More Icons of Evolution at the renowned Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle on April 18. Listen to Dr. Wells speak about his new book, engage in Q and A, and be one of the first people to get a personally signed copy of the book. More Read More ›

Westminster Conference on Science and Faith

According to a recent survey, more than 7 in 10 atheists and nearly 4 in 10 agnostics agree with evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins that the universe looks as if it were produced by “blind, pitiless indifference.” Yet according to a growing number of scientists, discoveries in biology, physics, mathematics, and related fields provide convincing evidence that life was intelligently designed Read More ›