American Center for Transforming Education

Don NIelsen Interview

What Are the Key Areas of K-12? Don Nielsen author of Every School

In your book, Every School: One Citizen’s Guide to Transforming Education, you write about the need to transform three areas of K-12 education — teaching, leadership, and governance. Why those three areas?

Don NIelsen Interview

What Is Learning Readiness? Don Nielsen author of Every School

You often talk about student learning readiness being ignored and the need for individualized learning versus group learning, a longer school day and year, and an achievement versus time education system. Share with us about differing student learning readiness and the solutions you propose to address it.


Breaking the K-12 Education Monopoly

Recently Discovery Institute Fellow and American Center for Transforming Education Director Dr. Keri Ingraham joined The Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts on his show to discuss educational freedom, education entrepreneurship, innovation, and much more. Read More ›