Why Cartesian Dualism?

Materialism is dead. There are simply too many questions left unanswered after years of studying the brain. Now, people are scrambling for a new way to understand the mind-body relationship. Cartesian dualism has become a whipping boy in philosophy, but it has advantages over the alternatives. Dr. Joshua Farris discusses Cartesianism and philosophy with Dr. Michael Egnor. Read More ›
Copernicus as painted by Jan Matejko (1838–1893) in 1873

John Bloom on the Match that Lit the Scientific Revolution

On today’s ID the Future Biola University physicist John Bloom discusses his chapter in the recent anthology The Comprehensive Guide to Science and Faith, co-edited by host Casey Luskin. Bloom’s focus in his contributed chapter is the pivotal role of Christianity in the rise of science. Bloom, the academic director of Biola’s master’s program in science and religion, draws on his PhD training Read More ›


Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, and the Nature of Reality

Dr. Michael Egnor and Dr. Bruce Gordon discuss quantum mechanics, the nature of reality, idealism and how to interpret the finding of modern neuroscience. Prepare to cover a lot of ground on this Mind Matter News Bingecast. Read More ›

The Scandal of Money

It’s time for a new paradigm of economic thought. The key to understanding — and instigating — economic growth, Gilder argues, lies in information theory. Hear from economist and NYT bestselling author George Gilder as he expounds on the key messages of his latest book The Scandal of Money: Why Wall Street Recovers but the Economy Never Does at the Read More ›

Bruce Chapman and Don Nielsen

Every School

Discovery Institute’s American Center for Transforming Education works with state government policymakers, parents, educators, business leaders, and other education stakeholders to promote meaningful and lasting change to our nation’s education system. We advocate for policies that empower parents and equip students with the skills, knowledge, and character necessary to thrive as citizens in their communities and contributors in our increasingly competitive economy.

forging blade
Authentic blacksmith forges metal on the anvil. Medieval traditions
Authentic blacksmith forges metal on the anvil. Medieval traditions

Indivisible: Forging Your Intellectual Armor

On this episode of Discovery Institute Podcast, host David Boze talks with Dr. Jay Richards about his new book, Indivisible. 2012 has been dubbed the year of the economy, but social affairs are gaining significant leverage as controversies thrive around issues such as Prop. 8 and the HHS mandate. Richards emphasizes the importance of intellectually arming oneself in order to Read More ›

dead looking woods
Ominous and spooky trees found in Norris Geyser Basin
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Inventing the Crime of Ecocide

On this episode of the Center on Human Exceptionalism Podcast, host David Boze and senior fellow Wesley J. Smith discuss a recent environmental movement that is pushing for the international recognition of “ecocide” as a crime against peace. The promoters of the concept of “ecocide” seek to thwart human development of resources in order to protect the flora and fauna Read More ›

killer whale underwater
Killer whales swimming in the blue Pacific Ocean offshore from the North Island, New Zealand.
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The Anti-Human Ethics of Animal Abolitionism

On this episode of the Center on Human Exceptionalism Podcast, host David Boze and senior fellow Wesley J. Smith explore PETA’s recent failure to convince the courts to define Sea World killer whales as slaves. Smith explains that while PETA’s efforts doubtfully amount to more than a publicity stunt, it is important to recognize the dangers of the ideological anti-human Read More ›

hhs flag
flags of Department of Health and Human Services and USA painted on cracked wall
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The HHS Mandate’s Threat to Religious Liberty

On this episode of the Center on Human Exceptionalism Podcast, constitutional attorney Steve O’Ban joins host David Boze to discuss the legal concerns surrounding the HHS mandate. The Obama administration’s healthcare initiative would force all religious organizations to provide their employees with free contraceptives, abortion-inducing drugs, and sterilizations — regardless of any religious or ethical objections. Listen in and learn Read More ›