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Let Schools Provide Full Disclosure

The recent news from Post Falls has an all too familiar ring. A group of religiously motivated parents is pressing for the teaching of creationism alongside Darwinian evolution. If they succeed, many fear the A.C.L.U. will sue the school district. On the surface, the Post Falls controversy appears to be yet another dreary and unproductive chapter in the American culture Read More ›

Bell Street Pier Project A Jewel In Seattle Port Crown

The Port of Seattle's tax rates over the last five years have declined by 33 percent, while its revenues have increased by 34 percent. Incorrect numbers were published in Bruce Chapman's column last Friday on the port's new Bell Street project. Somehow, the Bell Street Pier, a multipurpose, $88 million creation of the Port of Seattle, has managed to go through the whole development process, right up to the interior work now under way, without raising the ire of any economic interest, environmental body or taxpayer watchdog group. But already little bands of potential users are lining up to get a hard-hat tour of a civic facility that is sure to attract international attention. Ordinary folks are beginning to ask about it, too. When a class of fifth graders from the "TOPS" program at Seward School on Capitol Hill walked down to a parking lot above the site recently, they were given a description of the project that left them reporting back like the legendary blind man who encountered an elephant. Each one had a different impression of the beast. Read More ›

Kilnswatch: Later History of the Kilns Property

With Mrs. Moore contributing, the Lewises’ 1930 dream came true. Through the years that followed, the brothers made occasional changes in the house and grounds but left the two kilns where they had stood since before 1880. Perhaps those large conical kilns gave Lewis the image of the large, conical tombs where Shasta spent the night in The Horse and Read More ›

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The Intelligent Design Movement

The Intelligent Design movement begins with the work of Charles Thaxton, Walter Bradley, Michael Denton, Dean Kenyon, and Phillip Johnson. Without employing the Bible as a scientific text, these scholars critiqued Darwinism on scientific and philosophical grounds. On scientific grounds they found Darwinism an inadequate framework for biology. On philosophical grounds they found Darwinism hopelessly entangled with naturalism, the view that nature is self-sufficient and thus without need of God or any guiding intelligence. More recently, scholars like Michael Behe, Stephen Meyer, Paul Nelson, Jonathan Wells, and myself have taken the next step, proposing a positive research program wherein intelligent causes become the key for understanding the diversity and complexity of life. Read More ›
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Molecular Machines

This article presents an overview of the key ideas in biochemist Michael Behe's book Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution. A more detailed discussion of these ideas can be found in the book itself. Those interested in the debate over intelligent design in biology should also check out Michael Behe's extensive responses to various critics. Read More ›

How a theologian, two biologists see Darwin

In this trio of books on science, evolution, and God, John Polkinghorne best fits his self-described category of “scientist- theologian.” He is a world-class physicist, member of the British Royal Society and an Anglican priest. His Faith, Science and Understanding (Yale University Press, $19.95, 224 pages) strikes at the heart of the theology and science debate. Is theology a real Read More ›

In the Footsteps of Judge Ware

As if the September and October 1997 revelations about Cusack and Selbourne chicanery were not enough, another scandal came to light in November. That is when news broke about the highly respected U. S. district court judge James Ware, who has an appointment for life and looked like a future Supreme Court nominee. In 1963 his brother was gunned down Read More ›

May Announcement from James O’Fee about the UK’s 1998 Narnia Stamp

The design of the Royal Mail C. S. Lewis stamp is now public, and it is gorgeous! The designer is Peter Malone. The stamp shows Mr Tumnus and Lucy, hand-in-hand, running with Aslan over snow, in front of a lamp-post. Wording along the left margin reads ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe CS LEWIS’. The denomination of the stamp Read More ›

C. S. Lewis’s Buried Gold: “Break, Sun, My Crusted Earth”

Break, sun, my crusted earth, Pierce, needle of light, within, Where blind, immortal metals have their birth And crystals firm begin. To limbs and loins and heart Search with thy chemic beam, Strike where the self I know not lives apart Beneath the surface dream. For Life in secret goes About his work. In gloom The mother helping not nor Read More ›