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Mark Twain and George MacDonald: The Salty and the Sweet

From The Mark Twain Journal, Volume 30, Number 2 (published August 1994) The unknown connection between two of C. S. Lewis’s favorite books, Sir Gibbie and Huckleberry Finn. THE CONNECTION between Mark Twain and George MacDonald evidently began in 1870, the year when 35-year-old Twain married the woman he adored, Olivia Langdon. The newlyweds were soon reading MacDonald’s latest novel, Read More ›

A Conversation with Walter Hooper

by John Mallon CRISIS, July-August 1994, pp. 35-38 From Lewis to Hooper to Rome “Walter Hooper was Lewis’s friend and personal secretary during the last months of Lewis’s life…. Hooper spoke with disarming modesty, genuine humility, and charm.” Excerpts and Summary Extracts Hooper said he thinks that C.S. Lewis would have become a Catholic if he had lived longer: “…what Read More ›

Ode to Joy’s Husband

by Randall F. West To be sung to the tune of “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee.” C. S. Lewis, we adore thee, archetypal Oxford don;Of the type in garments tweedy, you, sir, are the paragon.Though your countrymen may be puzzled,Wond’ring “What is his appeal?”With your pot of tea beside you, you embody something real. With your reticence endearing and your Read More ›

Additional Articles by Nancy Pearcey

Access Research Network maintains an additional archive of Nancy Pearcey’s writings at:

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A New Design Argument

Just when scientists thought they understood how natural processes explained the order of the universe, they discovered a very special kind of complexity, called information, in nature. Experience had taught them that, wherever they found information, they could be sure of finding an intelligence behind it. As a result of 20th century discoveries, scientists are learning that the very methods they had used to discover natural causes (reasoning from experience) now point to an intelligent cause. Read More ›

Concerning First Origins

This is the final chapter of the 1995 book The Quantum Enigma, with some recent reflections. Read More ›

Post-Agnostic Science:

1. Anthropic Coincidences In 1973, astronomer and cosmologist Brandon Carter (Carter 1974) delivered a lecture in which he announced an exciting new discovery: the fundamental constants of the physical world must have been very delicately fine-tuned in order to make life possible. Since that time, literally dozens of such remarkable coincidences have been discovered, the so-called “anthropic coincidences.” (‘Anthropic’ is Read More ›

A New Beginning

The good news this month is the appearance of Michael Behe’s book, Darwin’s Black Box, published by the Free Press. As far as I know, it is the first outright anti-Darwin book to have been published by a major New York house for decades; perhaps since the 1920’s. Behe (pronounced “Bee He”) is an associate professor of Biological Sciences at Read More ›


The Soul of Science

A metanarrative has become ingrained in our culture which states that science is the means by which we threw off our religious superstitions and entered a brave new world of reason and progress. Does this metanarrative itself need to be overthrown? In this work Discovery Institute Fellows Nancy Pearcey and Charles Thaxton explain how Christian theism has played a vital Read More ›