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New Light on Dark Tower, Wrong country; wrong decade

A new kind of evidence has recently come to our attention indicating that The Dark Tower was written by Walter Hooper rather than C. S. Lewis. On the fifth page of the first chapter, the character named Orfieu says to the character named Ransom, “When you get a mental picture of a little boy called Ransom in an English public Read More ›

K. Lindskoog: You Have Mail, A true Christmas story

WE WERE HAVING an extremely quiet Christmas day. Pete and Kathy were unable to fly cross country from New Jersey as hoped. Jon and Jen were heading for the beach in their RV for the weekend. (After a lifetime of Christmases with my mother, the most enthusiastic Christmas grandmother in the world, it was a good idea for Jon to Read More ›

The Delight of E-mail from Around the World

Two letters about Turkish Delight from Joshua Pong, an E-mail friend in Hong Kong: Turkish Delight! I have a buddy, a Chinese who shares with me a deep passion for hiking. We two have tramped the hills of Hong Kong I don’t know how many times over. Yet we still want to do it again during our holidays. He lectures Read More ›

1965 Prophecy Fulfilled

A letter from Christopher Derrick CHRISTOPHER DERRICK’S assessment of the manuscript draft (1965) of Warren Lewis’s Letters of C. S. Lewis (1966) is preserved in the Geoffrey Bles collection of Lewis material in the Bodleian Library, Dep. c. 774. It has proved to be a prescient preview of A. N. Wilson’s 1990 Lewis biography. “Lewis was a great man, with Read More ›

An Odd New Disclaimer: What Does it Mean?

IN 1998 ULSTERMAN David Bleakley published a book titled C. S. Lewis: at Home in Ireland, with a foreword by Walter Hooper. Bleakley includes a letter written by Lewis on 27 December 1955, and accompanies it with this notice: “Copyright (C) 1998 C. S. Lewis Pte. Ltd., reproduced by permission of Curtis Brown Group Limited, London.” Walter Hooper’s foreword is Read More ›

The Time Travellers, The Dark Tower, and Ink

LEGACY READER Wendell Wagner has come up with yet another likely influence upon The Dark Tower. In Legacy 70 (Autumn 1996) Wagner (a science fiction buff) reported that whoever wrote The Dark Tower seems to have been consciously or unconsciously influenced by the films “Invaders from Mars” and “La Jetee.” Now he has come across one more: a 1964 movie Read More ›

Mike Perry’s Reply to a Message on Internet

When I was a student in 1962, I sent CS Lewis a letter about the role of myth in scripture, and got a reply. If anyone is interested, please email me, and I will be glad to send you the text of the letter from Lewis. Dear A. Zwart: I hate to rain on this picnic, particularly since I Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 80, Spring 1999 From the Mailbag

Books are big business. Stephen King commanded a $16 million advance from(British) Viking, then defected to Scribners for more money. Conflicts of interest: HarperCollins owner Murdoch spiked Hong Kong Governor Patten’s book because of his criticism of Beijing because Murdoch was lobbying to expand his STAR-TV satellite network in China. Four of the top seven US publishing houses are now Read More ›

The Influence of C. S. Lewis: Parodies of The Screwtape Letters

Compiled by Perry Bramlett 1) Screwtape Writes Again, Walter Martin, Vision House, 1975; “With Lewis’s death in 1963, correspondence from Screwtape appeared to have ceased until the recent discovery and deciphering of additional letters from Screwtape… continues both the fun and the fiendish fascination begun by C. S. Lewis” 2) The Devil, Seven Wormwoods, and God, Bernard Ramm, Word Books, Read More ›

Misremembering Jonestown

Timothy Stoen’s Latest Self Promotion “Remembering Jonestown” is an article by Christine Gardner in the 15 January 1999 issue of Christianity Today. It features Tim Stoen’s revised version of his role in the Peoples Temple cult and its massacre. This is how the article begins: On November 18, 1978, Tim Stoen and his wife, Grace, sat anxiously in the Guyanese Read More ›