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The Last Magic

If mathematics is about finding solutions to well-defined problems, then philosophy is about finding problems in what previously we thought were well-settled solutions. Mark Steiner’s The Applicability of Mathematics As a Philosophical Problem mirrors both sides of this statement, admitting that mathematics is the key to solving problems in the physical sciences, but also asserting that this very applicability of Read More ›

Kill the Bill, Not the Ill

Sacramento, California It was every liberal’s dream of diverse, grass-roots political activism: more than a hundred people demonstrating angrily in front of the California state capitol against pending legislation that threatened people who are poor, who are disabled, and who are vulnerable. Disability-rights activists in wheel-chairs marched in solidarity with white medical professionals, alongside African-American clergy and advocates for the Read More ›

God … Sort Of

Paul Davies should need little introduction to readers of First Things. A theoretical physicist and prolific author, he won the 1995 Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion. As the title of the address he gave in receiving the award indicates (“Physics and the Mind of God” [First Things, August/September 1995]) he does not hesitate to think about the Deeper Meaning Read More ›

The Liberation of Spirits in Bondage

In 1918 Lewis wrote to his father, ‘”You are aware that for some years now I have amused myself by writing verses, and a pocket-book collection of these followed me through France. Since my return I have occupied myself by revising them, getting them typed with a few additions, and trying to publish them.” Heinemann published the 40 poems 80 Read More ›

XXXII: Our Daily Bread

We need no barbarous words nor solemn spellTo raise the unknown. It lies before our feet;There have been men who sank down into HellIn some suburban street. And some there are that in their daily walksHave met archangels fresh from the sight of God,Or watched how in their beans and cabbage-stalksLong files of faerie trod. Often me too the Living Read More ›

Lewis, the Mystic Nativity, and the Millennium

C. S. Lewis expressed more interest in Sandro Botticelli paintings than any others. Botticelli’s “Mystic Nativity,” the only painting he signed, is the focal point of a National Gallery millennium exhibition. According to spokesman Nicholas Penny, “…the National Gallery has the only true Millennial painting ever made. There are lots of depictions of the end of the world, but this Read More ›

Enchanting Night Out in Narnia

Review of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre’s “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”by Charles SpenserDaily Telegraph, 3 December 1998 I have to confess I was dreading reviewing this show. I’m keenly aware that many people have a fierce passion for CS Lewis’s Narnia stories and regard any criticism of them as heresy. Unfortunately, I will never forget the feeling of Read More ›

Marchington Infuriates City

After just a year Marchington walks away with 4.5mby Anthony Lugg Pharmeceutical Marketing, 10 November 1998 The latest news about an early player in the Lewis industry suggests that in 1998 he and his brother reaped a fortune by financial hanky-panky in the biotech industry. …The biotechs continued to provide a mixed picture with a large number heading further south Read More ›

The False Anscombe Legend

“Surprised by Freud”by John BeversluisChristianity and Literature, Winter 1992A review of A. N. Wilson’s Lewis biography First, the Anscombe debate was by no means Lewis’s first exposure to a professional philosopher: he lived among them all his adult life, read the Greats, and even taught philosophy. Second, it is simply untrue that the post-Anscombe Lewis abandoned Christian apologetics. In 1960 Read More ›

Spinning the Kilns

In the latest edition of Stan Mattson’s fundraising brochure “Living the Legacy” he gives an update on the Kilns: C. S. LEWIS STUDY CENTRE The Foundation owns, and is in the process of restoring, “The Kilns,” C. S. Lewis’s long-time home in Oxford. Upon completion of the work of restoration in the summer of 1999, “The Kilns” will be dedicated Read More ›