secret of the cell ep 8

Information: The Foundation of Life

Join renowned biochemist Michael Behe as he explores the mystery of biological information in Episode 8 of his popular video series “Secrets of the Cell.” In “Information: The Foundation of Life,” Dr. Behe unravels the mystery of how information drives the development and operation of our cells, our teeth, our bones, and much more. Michael J. Behe is Professor of Read More ›

Gilder Metaxas

George Gilder | Life After Capitalism on the Eric Metaxas Radio Show

Eric Metaxas interviews polymathic genius George Gilder. Gilder is an American investor, author, economist, and co-founder of the Discovery Institute. In this interview we discuss many things including his latest book: Life After Capitalism: The Meaning of Wealth, the Future of the Economy, and the Time Theory of Money.

Andrew Klavan Show - Casey Luskin

Can Intelligent Design Explain The Theory of Evolution?

Casey Luskin, Associate Director at Discovery Institute, joins Andrew Klavan on the Andrew Klavan Show to discuss the theory of intelligent design in relation to contemporary scientific views of creation, the relationship between theism and the theory of evolution, and the secular aversion and reaction to faith-based scientific argument.