The Backlash to The Design Inference

The Backlash to The Design Inference

Mathematician and philosopher William Dembski discusses the backlash provoked by the original edition of his landmark book The Design Inference, which explored how we can detect intelligent design. A new expanded edition of the book has now been released, co-authored with computer scientist Winston Ewert. Find out more at….


Frightening Abuses of Science: A Conversation with Wesley J. Smith

Experiments on the living unborn. Organ harvesting. Reckless biotech. Radical environmentalism. These are not horror stories playing at your local movie theater. They’re playing out in labs, hospitals, and institutes across America. On this episode of ID The Future, host Andrew McDiarmid speaks with bioethicist Wesley J. Smith about frightening abuses of science being done in the name of progress. Read More ›


How to Glorify God in Your Family with Social Media (2023 Dallas Conference on Science and Faith)

How do you keep your family safe from the dangers of social media and other technologies? How can you use technology to promote human flourishing rather than dehumanization? Cultural commentator Andrew McDiarmid explores the answers to these questions and more. This talk took place at the 2023 Dallas Conference on Science and Faith. Andrew McDiarmid is Director of Podcasting and Read More ›


Molecules Don’t Care About Life! (2023 Dallas Conference on Science and Faith)

What does the science REALLY show about the origin of life? Renowned chemistry professor James Tour and philosopher of science Stephen Meyer explain. This session was part of the 2023 Dallas Conference on Science and Faith sponsored by Discovery Institute. A synthetic organic chemist, James Tour is the T. T. and W. F. Chao Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Computer Read More ›


Science Doesn’t Say Anything—Scientists Do (2023 Dallas Conference on Science and Faith)

Author Frank Turek dissects the biases and assumptions of some who claim to speak for science in our culture. President of, Dr. Turek is co-author of books such as “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist” and “Legislating Morality.” He has debated prominent atheists including Christopher Hitchens and Michael Shermer, founding publisher of Skeptic Magazine. Turek has Read More ›


The Codes of Life: Your Amazing Information

Inside your body a massive amount of encoded information that makes your life possible. Your body also contains sophisticated computer-like hardware that reads this coded information and builds the things you need for a living system. Explore the mystery of the amazing information codes inside you in this first installment of the “Codes of Life” mini-series produced as part of Read More ›


Keri Ingraham on Fox News’ Lawrence Jones Cross Country

Recently Discovery Institute Senior Fellow and American Center for Transforming Education Director Dr. Keri Ingraham was invited as a guest on Fox News’ Lawrence Jones Cross Country show to discuss the attack on parental rights taking place in K-12 public schools.

secret of the cell ep 8

Information: The Foundation of Life

Join renowned biochemist Michael Behe as he explores the mystery of biological information in Episode 8 of his popular video series “Secrets of the Cell.” In “Information: The Foundation of Life,” Dr. Behe unravels the mystery of how information drives the development and operation of our cells, our teeth, our bones, and much more. Michael J. Behe is Professor of Read More ›