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The Soul of Science

A metanarrative has become ingrained in our culture which states that science is the means by which we threw off our religious superstitions and entered a brave new world of reason and progress. Does this metanarrative itself need to be overthrown? In this work Discovery Institute Fellows Nancy Pearcey and Charles Thaxton explain how Christian theism has played a vital Read More ›

studying Italian
Studying foreign languages remotely. Cheerful female tutor teaching Italian on web, giving online lesson on smartphone
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Can a Virtual School Help Improve Learning?

It probably is true, indeed, that computers and educational software, by themselves, will never equate to a great or even a good teacher. But if today's networked computing is enlisted, the possibilities become more promising. Read More ›

Darwinism: Science or Philosophy

This volume presents papers presented at an early conference at Southern Methodist University in 1992 which was a landmark event in uniting scholars who now make up the intelligent design movement. Phillip Johnson, Program Advisor for Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture, explains that evolution is based upon assumptions of naturalism, which are often unsupported by the evidence. Johnson Read More ›

Life After Television by George Gilder
Life After Television by George Gilder

Life After Television

In his visionary new book George Gilder brilliantly and persuasively outlines the sweeping new developments in computer and fiber optic technology that spell certain death to traditional television and telephony. In their places, he argues, will emerge a new paradigm in which people-to-people communications give way to links among computers to be found in every home and office. The rise Read More ›

Light in the Shadowlands Replaces C. S. Lewis Hoax

In October 1994 Questar Publishers of Sisters, Oregon, is releasing a new book, Light in the Shadowlands: Protecting the Real C.S. Lewis. It incorporates The C.S. Lewis Hoax but is more than twice as long — with new features, vastly more information, and several surprises. It is softbound, to hold cost down to $10.99, and illustrated again by Patrick Wynne. Read More ›

Comic Book Screwtape, $10

“For some years now poor Walter Hooper (sic) has not been the person who decides what material under copyright control, owned by, or controlled by, the C.S. Lewis Estate, is to be published and what is not. I am employed by that estate to recommend on quality control and copyright infringement…. You may not like some of the decisions which Read More ›

“Most Substantial People” Lewis Fragment Discovered

Incredible as it seems, there is an important unfinished novel by C.S.Lewis still waiting to be read. For over twenty years this 5,333-word gem has been stored in the Wade Center with Warren Lewis’s other gifts intended for everyone who cares about Lewis. It combines Lewis’s masterful style and readability with his usual focus on truth and goodness. Ironically, one Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 61, Summer 1994 From the Mailbag

I appreciate all you have done to disseminate and protect the gift of a writer who is, it seems to me, quite possibly the most influential Christian apologist of the last two centuries. Richard John Neuhaus, President, Religion and Public Life In school I had the book Major British Writers (Harcourt, 1954), a series under the general editorship of G.B. Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 61, Summer 1994 Assorted Quotations

I never in my most sanguine moments dreamed that the invasion of Europe would go quite so well. September 6, 1944, C. S. Lewis’s letter to Sister Penelope I have appreciated the work of C. S. Lewis, particularly his essays. Mere Christianity was placed in my hands at a time when I don’t know what I would have done without Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 61, Summer 1994 Stop and Shop

C. S. Lewis: Green & Hooper biography, fall 1994, Harcourt, $12.95softcover. Revised? Canadian C.S. Lewis Journal: now available from Editor Roger Stronstad, c/o Western Pentecostal Bible College. U.S. orders: send $10 to P.O. Box 70, Sumas, WA 98295. Canadian orders: send $12 to Box 1700, Abbotsford, B.C., V2S 7E7. British orders: send 5.00. The Door: serious Christian humor and satire Read More ›