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God’s Grandeur: Ann Gauger on the Scientific Case for Design

On this episode of ID The Future, host Jay Richards begins a two-part conversation with Ann Gauger about her newly edited volume God's Grandeur: The Catholic Case for Intelligent Design. Part 1 of their discussion focuses on the scientific case presented in the book. Gauger reviews compelling biological evidence for design in the DNA code, molecular machines, the differences between humans and animals, and even the intriguing possibility that the entire human race came from two original parents. This is Part 1 of a conversation. Visit GodsGrandeur.org to learn more and download a free chapter! Read More ›
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Oxford Mathematician John Lennox on AI

Will AI take us over? Will we ever reach a point where humans and machines will completely merge? In this episode, world-renowned Oxford mathematician John Lennox answers questions about artificial intelligence and the transhumanist claim that AI will turn humans into gods. Read More ›

Meyer, Behe, and Lennox on Science, God, and Darwin’s Other Doubt

On today’s ID the Future, Oxford’s John Lennox, Lehigh University’s Michael Behe, and Darwin’s Doubt author Stephen Meyer continue a probing conversation with host Peter Robinson on what they see as the growing evidence for intelligent design and the scientific and philosophical problems with Darwinian materialism. In this second half of their discussion, the foursome touch on everything from the genetic code and molecular biological machines to design reasoning, the history and philosophy of science, and what Meyer refers to as “Darwin’s other doubt.” Tune into to catch the many fascinating twists and turns in their conversation. And for additional stimulating content from Peter Robinson, head over to the “Uncommon Knowledge 2023” playlist on YouTube. This interview appears here with the kind permission of Robinson and the Hoover Institution. Read More ›
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Michael Behe, Stephen Meyer, John Lennox: The Evidence for Design is Growing