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Modern Science/Ancient Faith

CSC Senior Fellow William Dembski will be speaking at the Modern Science/Ancient Faith conference sponsored by Portsmouth Institute in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. The conference will feature a lively debate among some of America’s top scientists, philosophers and theologians as they discuss the relationship between science and faith. Friday-Sunday, June 22-24, 2012Portsmouth Abbey School285 Cory’s LanePortsmouth, RI 02871 For more information Read More ›

Evolution: The Untold Story

Dr. Michael Behe, Professor of Biological Sciences at Lehigh University and CSC Senior Fellow, will be speaking at “Evolution: The Untold Story” in Radnor, Pennsylvania. Why Random Mutation and Natural Selection Are Not Capable of Building the Complex, Coherent Molecular Machinery Recently Discovered in the Cell 9:00 a.m.October 24, 2009Villanova Conference CenterRadnor, Pennsylvania For registration and information click here.

Signature in the Cell Book Release Party

Book release party for Signature in the Cell 7pm, July 21st at Plestcheeff Auditorium at the Seattle Art Museum. REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED, BUT WE HAVE SPACE FOR UP TO 50 PEOPLE AT THE DOOR ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASISDoors open at 6:30pm for Walk-ins In Signature in the Cell (HarperOne, June 23rd), CSC Director Stephen Meyer presents Read More ›

The Privileged Planet

Astronomers are discovering that the earth is anything but unremarkable and that it may very well be unique in its ability to support intelligent life. Dr. Jay Richards, co-author of the provocative new book The Privileged Planet, will discuss why the earth’s location and design make not only life, but scientific discovery possible. Dr. Richards, Vice-President of Discovery Institute, has Read More ›