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Politics of Education Necessary for Reform

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Politics of Education Necessary for Reform

Bruce-&-DonDiscovery Institute’s site on our new book on education is up online now: Every School, by Donald P. Nielsen. Don is a successful technology businessman whose volunteer service included the Seattle School Board, where he was President. From that experience and a great deal of study and travel, he has learned enough about what makes reform possible and has encapsulated it in what amounts to a very readable manual for executives, legislators and community leaders. Here is how to get to the new site and, while you are there, listen to my brief interview of Don about this book.

What is crucial is to get broad political involvement in reform where it really counts, which, Don found out, is mainly at the state level, rather than at the local or national levels. Every School is published by Discovery Press, and you can be sure we will promote it as much as possible.

Chapman’s News and Ideas advocates for more and better “citizen leaders,” as opposed to professional politicians and bureaucrats. Often the insights of someone who has made his name in a field like business (or medicine, or diplomacy, etc.) brings fresh vision to a governmental subject like education. There is a reason, therefore, to put citizen leaders in charge of an enterprise that otherwise entrusts responsibility to experts. Don Nielsen shows why.