Darwinian Evolution

Darwinian Atheism

Dr. John West discusses God, Darwin, and morality. He says no apparent connection exists between Darwin and Atheism even though 94% of biologist would call themselves atheists or agnostics. He notes that to hold to Darwinian evolution and morality contradicts each other at a fundamental level which is to the credit of the atheist darwinianists for not making the contradiction of believing in both evolution and a morally imposing creator.

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What is Intelligent Design and What is it Challenging?

Intelligent Design: says there are certain features in nature that are best explained by intelligence and not by undirected process such as Darwin’s natural selection. It does not challenge evolution–as dependent on different definitions–rather it directly opposes Darwinian evolution.

Bryan Leonard

Bryan Leonard was a graduate student at Ohio State University whose dissertation defense was derailed by intolerant Darwinists who disagreed with his skeptical views of Darwinian evolution. Read More ›