Intelligent, Optimal, and Divine Design

If something has been intelligently designed, people often expect to see structures that are perfectly crafted to perform their individual tasks in the most elegant and efficient way possible (e.g., with no extra components). This expectation is incorrect not only for human design but also for divine design. For the full article, click here.


Washington, D.C. –— New technologies are dramatically transforming the Internet and could boost IP traffic in the United States more than 50-fold within the next decade, according to “Estimating the Exaflood: The Impact of Video and Rich Media on the Internet,” a report released today by the Discovery Institute. “Innovations like YouTube, IPTV, high-definition video and mobile phone cameras are Read More ›

New Technologies

Last-mile bandwidth must expand 10-100 times to meet capacity challenges posed by IPTV and online video, Discovery Institute fellows said in their report Estimating the Exaflood. Authors George Gilder and Bret Swanson said that traffic on the Internet in the U.S. will continue to grow rapidly through 2015, when the total number of bytes moved across the network will be Read More ›

Cascadia: Eastside Corridor Can Support Interurban Rail

Original article (includes transcript plus RealAudio and MP3 links to story). The Cascadia Center at Discovery Institute says an independent study shows the Eastside Rail Corridor can support interurban rail. The finding from the think tank is contrary to a plan in the works between the port, the county, and Burlington Northern Santa Fe to remove the tracks and build Read More ›

BNSF Eastside Deal Flawed, Says Cascadia Center

Bruce Agnew, Director of Cascadia Center at Discovery Institute, just released the statement below regarding today’s news that the Port of Seattle will acquire the BNSF rail corridor. Media calls may be directed directly to Bruce Agnew on this issue at 206.228.4011. OFFICIAL STATEMENT: BRUCE AGNEW, CASCADIA CENTER AT DISCOVERY INSTITUTE “The idea of having public employees excise and remove Read More ›